June 15, 2011

Day Six: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Day six of the All Things Bright And Beautiful blog party has dawned lovely and clear!
So let's get blogging!
I'm a little pressed for time this morning- I've got my "granola experiment" in the oven, and am going to be toddling off to run errands in a bit, so I'll be brief. 
Today, you need to give me all the delicious, wonderful details about your favorite parts of Summer.
Your favorite smells, your favorite traditions, your favorite feelings, activities, sights, everything. 
Anything that has to do with Summer that also delights your senses, I'd love to hear it.
Here are a few of mine.
1. The Fourth of July. I can be pathetically patriotic about this day. I'm forever in awe of all that our forefathers did (and all who died) back in the 1700s in order to form this nation. I'm inspired by their faith and their belief that they could be separate from England, and the way that God led them to form the government and become who we are today. I'm an absolute nerd about the Revolutionary War, and one of my favorite pastimes is sitting in front of the telly, knitting, while watching documentaries on it. So it's little wonder that I love the Fourth so much. As the day rolls nearer, I feel myself reminded of our nation, and my heart beats so strongly at the very thought of all that we once stood for. I say once because I grieve to see how far our nation has fallen away from both its original views, and God. But it doesn't lesson my enjoyment of the day. Our family usually gets together with our good friends the Sterling family, and we always have a fabulous day of rousing fun- eating picnic food, running around, enjoying the weather, and then lighting firecrackers and sparklers when it gets dark.
2. Laying in the grass on hot days, tanning my feet (Yes, my feet!), and listening to/reading poetry. It's simply one of life's greatest pleasures.
And I tan only my feet because, after all the walking I do in shorts and my sneakers, I have the world's most ridiculous shoe line. Every inch of me gets dark brown, except my feet; they remain a ghostly shade of white starting at a distinct line from around my ankles and down. 
3. Taking huge bites out of fresh, cold, sliced watermelon. I'm sorry, but even the juice that runs all down your face onto your shirt in an embarrassingly messy way is wonderful. 
4. The smell of sunscreen. Summer smells like sunscreen and lake water. But mostly sunscreen.
5. Picnic days at Eagle Island with my family and the Sterlings. Again, our friends the Sterlings (we have eight kids total, they have eleven) are so much fun to hang out with. I love a long day spent at Eagle Island, dunking in the water, floating on my back, and working on my knitting project.
6. "Soak Up The Sun" by Sheryl Crow and "Drifter And The Gypsy" by Rosi Golan. I have a strong dislike of Sheryl Crow, but her song Soak Up The Sun somehow just is the epitome of Summer to me. Every year it becomes a theme song. And The Drifter And The Gypsy may be my theme song. It's also excessively Summery. Makes you want to take a road trip.
7. Sardine Lake. I'm not going this year (*weep!*), but it's always been a family tradition. Sardine Lake, a resort nestled in the California Sierra Nevada mountain range, is where my heart it. That's simply all there is to it.
8. Spontaneity. My mother becomes a little spontaneous during the Summer, which is both fun and funny. I love running around all day: doing grocery shopping in the early morning, suddenly deciding to go places in the afternoon. She's usually a planner, so I enjoy Summer spent with my mom. 
9. Walking to the library. I love my walk to the library during the Summer. During Winter it's merely ok- windy, cold, tiring. In the Summer it's bright, hopeful, hot; there are flowers on the way there, books in between, and there's usually lemonade at the end of my journey.
10. Baking.
I do lots of fun baking during the Summer.
Our kitchen is in a state of constant use and yummy smells in the Summer. I'm usually baking something delightful. 
Alright! Don't forget to link up, and I can't wait to see what you love about Summer!


Madison said...
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Madison said...

Hey Grace! Well, I hold very high standards to blogs, and you definitely met them, so I had to follow yours. ;) My understanding of the blog party is fuzzy at best (as I've never heard of one before), but I was reading everything you wrote and it seemed so blithe and artsy and I -loved- it.
So. Just had to let you know that I enjoy your blog a great deal. It's delightful :]

Grace said...

Aww, Thank you Madison!! That comment just completely made my day!! I love your blog too, so I'm more than happy and sincere in returning the compliment. :)