June 16, 2011

Day Seven: Last Call

It's the last day!
This time I'm posting in the evening on purpose, because I want you to do today's activity tomorrow (I have a thing for Fridays).
Tomorrow, you need to find a Camera and get snapping. 
It's pictures of your Summer day.
You can edit them, play with them, make them unique.
Make sure to add descriptions when you post them! 
I'm super excited to see what you all come up with.
When I was planning this blog party I had no notion that I would be called into work all day tomorrow, so I regret to say that I probably won't be able to take pictures of my day myself.
This doesn't mean I won't be posting pictures though. They'll just be either old or nabbed from We Heart It and Pinterest.
*sheepish grin*
Anyway, I'm very very excited to see what you all come up with...
and very very  tired after today's loooong work day.
We at the tea shop are having a yard/sidewalk sale all day tomorrow and Saturday, and I've been elected to run it. I'm ecstatic and so very much looking forward to it- this kind of thing is right up my alley- I'm just about ready to conk out for the night, is all. It's going to be up and at 'em tomorrow, and if I want to be able to read my Bible early in the morning like I usually do, then I may need to get up at a slightly unholy hour to do so (Oh, the joys of enjoying walking 2 1/2 miles to work so much that I insist on doing it!). 
I already have the sleep patterns of a little old lady- in bed before or shortly after ten, and then up with the sun to spend time with God- but even for the night owl I truly am, I'm absolutely in love with the way it feels to get a full night's sleep. I enjoy being rested more than I ever enjoyed staying up past midnight to do random things. And I'm going to need sleep if I plan on spending all day running a huge yard sale on Main street, followed by joining the fun of the Meridian Dairy Days Parade tomorrow evening (one of my favorite events of the Summer! It's so much fun!). I'm also going to need lots of sunscreen and my favorite straw hat.
Well, enough of my rambling: get those cameras and get snapping, and I'll see if I can do the same tomorrow.
Also, to answer the question of various and sundry bloggers (*ahemEmilyRoseahem*), it's never too late to enter the blog party. Just comment and tell me about your post and I'll party on with you the entire way. It's a free-for-all!
Cheerio dear blogger-types!


Rachel said...

Ooooh, I cannot WAIT to do this one! =)

Lauren said...

That's so fun! I love that picture of the window...so beautiful!
I just wanna say that this is probably the most fun, most happy blog party I've ever seen! And I'm sorry to not have participated! It's just been one of those hectic weeks where I haven't been on too much :( But either way, just wanted to tell you that this is maybe the best blog party I've seen yet ;D
~Lauren :)