June 29, 2011

Day, Interrupted

Oh, the joys of stomach flu!
Which, as you might have guessed, have hit my house.
This one is silent, not too deadly, but a stomach flu none-the-less.
At first, it seemed as if only my three youngest siblings were going to get it.
Heck, one of them had it twice!
But my mom woke up this morning and decided that she, too, was sick. And she is.
My theory is this:
The siblings should have been the only one to get it.
They've all been getting the free community lunches at the park everyday, and have all been playing at the park's local splash pad. I think they got it from one or the other (I lean more towards the splash pad theory- that water is partly recirculated, and full of little kids in swimming diapers doing heaven only knows what in that water).
I think that then, by staying up all night and nursing my youngest sister (who had it the worst, per usual), my mother ended up catching a hold of whatever it was as well. 
Patsy, my ten-year-old sister, always gets stomach bugs the most often and the worst.
She gets dehydrated from being sick very easily which, of course, makes her sick even more, so she can't keep fluids down, which drives her into a vicious cycle involving lots of gagging and pain.
Happens every time.
Anyway, I currently have a little sister recovering on the couch, and mother under the weather upstairs. 
Add to that two restless brothers and a rainy day and you've got yourself a case of cabin fever to drive you crazy.
I've spent the day cleaning, and am happy to say that the sky is appearing to clear up (I see a patch of blue!) and my brothers will soon be set to play outside.
My mother, realizing we have overdue books, has asked me to make a trek to the library (like she had to ask!) so I have four miles of walking and a library's worth of freedom ahead of me later. 
In the mean time, I've resorted to a familiar stint: that of baking something delicious and blogging while it's in the oven.
(Very reminiscent of last Summer: here's just one example.)
Today's goodies are made with tummy illness in mind: Big, soft, ginger cookies.
Of course, I'm not saying I'm going to offer any of these cookies to my mother (Patsy may get one later if she continues to do well), but ginger is commonly used to help sick stomachs. Flour, butter, sugar, and molasses, however, aren't. 
In other news, I've found a new pen pal- the lovely Rachel of Dramatic Elegance- and although I've had other offers (for which I thank each and every one of you), I think I should stick to just one pen pal for now. The reasons being.
1. Postage: I don't have a huge budget for too many stamps
2. Time. It should be interesting enough to see how I fare with one pen pal. I believe that for the Summer I should be right on the ball, no procrastinating between letters, but if I were to be writing more than one person I'm 99% sure that wouldn't be true. I'd probably end up never writing anyone
As it is, I'm super-duper excited to have a pen pal (especially one as fabulous a person as Rachel!) and sent off my first letter this morning, despite the odds.
Now the time has come to kick my brothers off the couch and outside, check my mother, pull a tray of aromatic ginger-softies from the oven, and prepare for a library trek. 
Cheerio, dear people!


Dani said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on Rachel's blog. Hope you feel better soon :(

Rachel said...

Aww! <3 I feel so honoured to have been chosen to be your penpal! <3 I so look forward to receiving your first letter!

Hope you don't catch the super-icky. =(

Emily Rose said...

I hope your family gets better soon! Those ginger cookies sound superb.:)

Grace said...

I seem to be super-icky free so far! *fingers crossed* *keeps praying*
My mother was so sick all day, though! It hurt to see her so uncomfortable and not being able to DO anything about it!!
And the cookies are delish! (If I do say so myself. But in this case it's all the recipe and not the cook's doing.)

Flor said...

so sorry about the flu. I hope you're feeling better- grab a good book or watch a movie, maybe that might ease the pain. I wrote a poem for you:

roses are red,
violets are blue,
you're sick in bed,
so get well soon!

I appologize for the cheesiness, but seriously, I hope you feel better.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it really does mean the world to me.