June 14, 2011

Day Five (And An Explanation)

Hello dearies!
Please please please forgive my day-long absence. I had part of my draft written out yesterday morning, got distracted, and by the time I was able to even think about blogging my day had fallen apart and I was in a shambles. 
I've debated heatedly with myself over whether or not I wanted or ought to share all the details, but I've decided not to gripe about myself and my problems (unless you're for some reason desperate to hear them). To put it briefly (and lightly) I had a bit of a "relapse" into my habits yesterday. Part of it involved being an emotional mess, and part of it turned me into even more of an emotional mess (talk about teenage drama!), and I ended up simply not being able to blog.
It wouldn't have been pretty.
I'm doing better today, however, and I do feel rotten about my little AWOL sabbatical. As it is, we are going to skip day four and hop right on to day five!
And today, you all need to do something crafty.
Yes, yes, I know; it's already late in the evening! Now is not the time to begin a craft for the day!
*Sigh* Alright, you can take it through tomorrow. Or the day after. Heck, you can make this little craftiness last all Summer (and I hope you do!) by picking a craft that is habit-forming/addicting (i.e. knitting), a big project (scrap-booking), so much fun and diverse you want to try it in different ways (cooking or baking- they are included in my book as being crafty!), or a neat, useful kind of craft that you use to help others (making nice cards). Or it could be something super-duper easy and a good way to burn time while bored (doodling).
Take your pick!
I know many of my followers don't claim to be very crafty people, but I honestly believe that everybody has the God-given capacity to use their hands and brains for creative purposes. We are, after all, creatively designed by the craftiest Being: God. Crafts come in all shapes and forms: from paper folding to making the perfect puff pastry, to papier mache,  to painting: anything that uses your hands and mind under the control of creative energy and design is crafty.
So get out your glue guns and get crafting!
If you can, try and branch out into something new.
I have spent the day running around exhausted, and feel very lame when I say that my "crafty" item is an afghan my Aunt Gail commissioned me to work on. It's in lovely shades of a gold-hued ivory and frosted sage green, knitted on my ginormocous size US 35 needles. It feels kind of like I'm knitting with light poles. I'm delighted with its progress thus far. I'm not so delighted to discover that the camera is, once again, missing. I think I need to chain that thing to my desk, it keeps running off!
Here are some ideas for great crafts that I've seen, wanted to do, or think look just plain fun. Feel free to steal from this list or do your own thing. I'd like to see pictures if possible (although I'm setting no good examples here), but at least a description of your craft of choice is required. 
Here are some ideas.
4. Learn to knit (No, seriously! It's the greatest thing you'll ever do!! You can find all sorts of tutorials online. If you're a learner-by-watching type, look up videos on youtube.)
These are just a few of the many grand and cute ideas out there! So get crafting!
And don't forget to link up!


LeAhnna said...

i'm sorry you had a crummy day...feel better soon, please? i'm praying :)

also...NUTELLA CUPCAKES??????? yes please.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

What to do, what to do, so many ideas!
I love making my own envelopes, 'cause as a lazy present wrapper, they have saved my hinney many a time by being awesome when the wrapping was, erm, less then amazing..... =)

Kaley Grace said...

Praying for you, darlin'. Aaaand, um, those nutella cupcakes look too stinkin' amazing.

Grace said...

The recipe's right there! I chose to link that particular one because
a). it looks quite simple, especially since it "makes it's own frosting." And
b). who doesn't love Nutella!?

Thank you for the prayers, ladies! I find them so very encouraging!

Emily Rose said...

Hey Grace, is it to late to enter the blog party? I haven't had the time to enter yet, thus I've missed the first five days. Should I just jump in, or should I start from the beginning?

Rachel said...


I. Want.

...and am going to make. =D