May 25, 2011

Wandering On A Wednesday

Good morning again!
Three blog posts-one a day- in a row! I'm on a roll here!
(More like "I've graduated high school and have nothing to do with my mornings, nor will I for the entire Summer, so look forward to hearing from me a lot.")
I was planning on writing thank-you notes in reply to the latest of my unanswered graduation cards, but just discovered I am clean out of stationary! (I've been writing a lot of thank-you's.)
So before I know it, I'm loafing around in computer land.
And not long after that I find myself entering the familiar waters of Etsy, in all it's addicting glory.
Am I the only person who finds herself spending hours and hours on there, just browsing through the pretty-pretties? I sometimes wonder at my spectacular self-control. It must be spectacular, since I hardly buy things on there at all, and heaven only knows how sorely and often I am tempted to. 
Today, however, my browsings and wanderings have taken me quickly past Etsy and into the blog-world. 
More specifically, finding fun new blogs to be all excited over and to fall in love with.
I love the people you meet and the friends you make through blogs.
It's always so exciting to me to see how people's individual personalities can be shown across something so simple as a blog. Everything from the page style to the pictures to especially the words.
Words are so powerful.
Anyway, back on subject.
Here are some of the fun articles and ideas I've stumbled across today.

This blog, and the blogger's art, is fantastic. I'm loving the Alice In Wonderland pictures she is working on. So very talented! However, what I'm really interested in is her recipe for these homemade Oreo cookies, which she claims are better than the store-bought kind. I really want to make these!

These are so beautiful! My tea intake may be restricted, but I love teacups too, and maybe if I try focusing my obsessive, tea-withdrawal energy on making a million of these, I might feel better. 

Not sure what to call this or how to say it in a way both delicate and grammatically correct, but THIS IS SIMPLY THE DARN-TOOTIN' CUTEST BLOG EVER!!!
Yeah, that about covers it.

This is kind of brilliant. Although I'm not a huge Reese's fan (I like real peanut butter, not sugary fakey-fake peanut butter), and I don't like candy, the fact that there's a peanut butter substance going on here makes it more attractive. 
I still wouldn't eat them.
But I would love to make them!
Well that's the cutest things I've come across so far today. 
I can feel reality and responsibility gaining hold again, reminding me that I could make more stationary or, if all else fails, go and work on my high school transcript. 
Reality always chooses the worst moments to interrupt my reverie. 
How is your day so far (are you even awake enough yet to know)?
Do you have any cute crafts or blogs that are a must-see? 
Let me know!
Cheerio, chaps and chappesses!


Emily Rose said...

Oh my goodness, I love Inside the Black Apple! I am obsessed with her art work.:D
Those oreos look fantastic!

~Kimberly~ said...

I love those blogs! Thank you so much for sharing! PS I love your blog too! :D