May 18, 2011

Take The Son-shine With You

The weather this week has decided to be finicky.
And rainy.
(But we haven't had any more snow!)
I'm hoping the temperature uppity-ups later, because I rather hoped to do some walking and wandering, and I'm in no mood to do it in the rain.
However, the good news this morning is that I'm about three pages away from finished high school!
I completed all of my textbooks and reading about two months back, but I'm ecstatic to say that this infernal term paper (and my infernal procrastination) are just about at an end. In a mad rush of writing yesterday, I completed some nine pages of information, and I hope to type up the last, complete the bibliography and footnotes, proofread, and print it today!
So maybe the rain is a good thing.
I've applied at the local community college- a frightening and confusing first time experience for this homeschooled girl, but exciting none-the-less- and I am excited to hear that my brother, his girlfriend, and one or two other friends are enrolling there this Fall as well! I'll be able to keep my job and get two years worth of Gen. Ed. out of the way, before I go in for the big guns somewhere out of state.
Imagine my eye-roll of disgust when I went through the majors available and discovered that there was nothing, nothing, relatively close to drama, stage, music, or even art. If I were to declare a major (and I would do so only if I thought it was going to score me financial aid), I would have to list it under English: the only attractive thing on the list.
And don't get me wrong, English would be my joy and delight.
But the entire point of this whole endeavor is just to get some general education done while I save money and pray about which school God wants to send me to for my official four years of "song and dance."
So I am officially one of the "undeclared" masses (which personally I think is kind of mysterious in a way.)
Hmm, I'm rambling again.
What I really wanted to get on here to say was something a long the lines of
"I don't care if it's rainy and gray, because I have the Son all day."
And it's true.
Isn't the peace that God works in our hearts- that one that passes all understanding? Yes, that one- just wonderful?
I don't care how gloomy it gets out there, I've got a happiness that wants to spill from my every pore and create its own sunshine.
God is so good!
"He hath not dealt with us after our sins: nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward them that fear Him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us."- Psalm 103: 10-12. 
I hope you all are able to remember this and save it up in your heart today, so that it creates some sunshine in whatever gloomy spaces you may have.
Cheerio, me luvlies!


Melinda said...

(I read your blog on occasion! This is Melinda M.--the former Melinda L. :-)

I did what you are about to do--go to a CC before a 4-year institution. If CWI is like my CC, you have nothing to fear in the transition from homeschool to college. It was smooth and, in my case, a step down even. Not every class was easy, though--I certainly had my challenges there (some of which involved trying to STAY AWAKE during the lectures of less than interesting professors ;-). Best wishes!

If you take psychology, look Garret's dad up. He teaches several psych courses there. :-)

Kaley Grace said...

Lovelovelove this post. Isn't it amazing how JOYFUL and sunny and beautiful the Christian life is?! It's definitely not easy in the least. But the peace Christ brings is simply amazing.

Aaaah congrats on finishing highschool!!! And on starting up college! I definitely approve of all your major options :)

Emily Rose said...

I love the picture!

Grace said...

Phew! That is so wonderful to hear! I'm nervous because I've never been to school in a social setting. I have a feeling it'll be easy to figure out, but the first day might be lethal. :O

Kaley: THANK YOU! There is nothing better than knowing that you are free from guilt AND free from the terrors of Satan. Also, there 'aint no armor like the armor of God.

And by the way, I DID finish that term paper earlier. It feels so good to be free! >.>