May 16, 2011

Snow In May.

It's snowing.
Right now.
Outside of my window.
In May.
Am I the only one who finds this disconcerting!?
Hopefully it lets up a bit by this afternoon- I had great plans to walk to the library and then home via the supermarket (I'm getting low on green tea). 
And if it doesn't- well, this is why they invented umbrellas. 
I so particularly wanted to go to the library today, because I was driving through Meridian yesterday when it hit me: I know next to nothing about this town, or its history.
I know next to nothing about the history of Idaho in general.
I may not love Idaho, but the one thing I really regretted when I left home in California was finding out about the rich history and cultural background of my home town and the surrounding area only after having left there. 
I should like to know something about where I live: it's important and key in really appreciating something.
"Why not look all this up online?" you ask.
Two reasons:
Every time I go to the library, I pass the lovely display on Idaho's history, and do so at least ten times per visit. I feel like I've been abusing my rights to books and knowledge by conveniently ignoring the information so carefully put under my nose for my benefit. I've said it before, I'll say it again- librarians are tireless superheroes.
Because I like to read books.
The internet is all fine and dandy, but there is nothing that can compare to a good book. 
Computers equal cold and clinical: information on a lit screen.
Books equal cozy and timeless, so very classic, and always inviting. 
And as my favorite coffee shop is closing, I think I may just pick up my books, take them to said coffee shop, and just veg and read for an hour or two, giving them the last and best of my business. 
Then I'll go to the supermarket and get my tea.
In the mean time, I shall continue to do things like blog, drink tea, and avoid finishing my term paper.
What are your plans for the day?



Emily Rose said...

Oh dear, snow in May is certainly a downer. Learning the history of where you live sounds fun though!

Grace said...

Well it certainly changed this afternoon- it's now close to sixty degrees outside! The weather is more changeable than a squirrel with ADHD that's landed in the nut bin at a peanut factory.
And I'm finding out all sorts of interesting things about Idaho! I'll probably do a post on it soon (and try to make it as NOT boring as possible).

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