May 11, 2011

La Plus Jolie

(And that's pronounced "la ploo ju-LEE", means "The prettiest" in French).

Good morning lovely bloggers! 
I have been recently honored by the wonderful (and stylish) Kimberly over at [A]musing by receiving the Stylish Blogger award. 
I can now go on and on about how undeserving I feel/am (and I am undeserving), how wonderful it is, la-di-da, but I won't trifle with your sensibilities and waste your time- instead I will complete the requirements that are...required...and pass it on to the other stylish chaps and chapesses out there in blog-o-sphere. 
Rules are as follows:
1. Post eight random facts or statements about yourself (you can elaborate however much you wish)
2. Pass this award on to eight stylish bloggers that you follow (making sure to alert them to the fact that they're winners- they probably already knew they were stylish).
Pretty easy, oui? 
Now you get to listen to eight random super exciting (HA!) blips about moi. 
Be nice and don't nap in class, children.
1. I have recently discovered what is now on my list of "food-foods". Translation: yesterday, I discovered an eatable so wonderful and delicious, I would gladly eat it no matter how many eatables I've already eaten, and how past-eatabled I feel. This wonderful thing is (*deep breath*): frozen yogurt.
Yesterday, my mother and I visited this fantastic little place called U-Swirl.
It was sooooo good. 
No, really.
It was.
I had gotten a buy-one-get-one-50%-off coupon in the mail, but even without the coupon, it's only 39 cents for each ounce of yogurt. I paid $2.68 total for two things of yogurt with toppings. It's so yummy!! 
And it gets better.
Apparently, every few days they have a peanut butter flavor.
The only bad part about this is that it's in the same general shopping center strip mall where my mother works, so I'm going to be passing by it (and probably through it) a lot in the near future. Let's face it- it's a better deal and probably better for you than the Moxie Java Coffee Shop two doors down. 
Moving on!

2. I am an avid knitter. 
You all probably knew this, but the fact remains. I spend a large portion of my time knitting with fingers of fire.

3. I have been increasingly enamored with the idea of living on the East Coast i.e. New England area/ Maryland/Virginia, etc. I've visited there many times, as I have lots of family on that coast, but I really feel as if maybe the Lord is directing my attentions there. This is the first I've really spoken of it, although I've always loved the East Coast and how rich in History it is, but this is the first time I've really felt drawn to maybe live there. We'll have to see what God's plans are. 
I so 'cited!

4. Peanut butter.
I love peanut butter.
There is a list of eatables (food) that I will always eat when offered, even if I'm all eatabled-out (full).
The list is as follows.
Peanut butter, pizza, spinach, strawberries/blueberries/raspberries/blackberries, frozen/Greek yogurt and (most of the time) grilled cheese sandwiches. 

5. I am the Cupcake Queen.
No really: I am, I really am.
I spend hours thinking about/designing/making them. At times, I even catch myself thinking up new flavors or designs.
However, I really don't enjoy eating them.

6. I spend a lot of time at the local library. It's a two mile walk from my house (a walk which I will be taking as soon as I'm done here), and one of my favorite places. I'm on a first name basis with a lot of the librarians, and I think some of the patrons might believe that I live there (Note: this belief is not in any way discouraged. I've gone out of my way at times to strengthen that belief). 

7. I drink buckets of tea. I like my tea unsweetened most of the time, but I will put honey in my home-brewed chai. I work in a tea shop, and it's just about the coolest job in the world- I love it and I'm blessed. 

8. I have been feeling my Gypsy Soul a-stirring these past few days. Somewhere between the warmer weather (hooray!), the smells of the flowers on the trees, and the stress that has begun to saturate my life again (too many doctors visits and worried people. Can I go be by myself now, please?), I have once again felt the insatiable itch to move, to wander, to walk, to go, and now stronger than ever.
It might have something to do with the cherry blossoms in bloom around me. 
Alrighty! Pay attention class! It's now time for me to announce the Stylish Blogs on whom I bestow this most auspicious of awards. (I'd put Kimberly on the list, but I probably shouldn't since she already won the award.)

1. To Twirl A Mustache (previously There We Be)
Please know that there are so many other stylish blogs I would love to put here, but I've only got eight slots! 
Thank you again Kimberly for the award! 
It's time for me to trek to the library and make some mischief. 
Happy blogging, y'all! 

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