May 5, 2011


*Insert a very gleeful, very happy, dance here*
Fellow blog-ians.
Let us be glad- let us be grateful.
Let us rejoicify that goodness can subdue
The wicked workings of You-Know-Who.
Okay, so I totally stole those lyrics from the opening song of Wicked, but it's been running through my head all morning.
Yesterday was a most excellent day.
No, it wasn't perfect (far from it actually),
But in our imperfections is Christ made perfect-
That is,
In our weakness is his strength better revealed.
So I am thankful -in a way-that I started yesterday as a crab, because it reminded me right off that bat that I do not posses what is needed to be "good" or "right" in the sight of God.
I'm still a dirty, rotten sinner, but I'm saved by grace and forgiven for my offences.
With such thoughts as these, who could not help but be happy?
Yesterday's crabbiness was dissipated by a brisk, early-morning, two-and-a-half-mile trek to work to cover for a co-worker who is facing finals and needed study-time.

Now, I don't normally enjoy standing up front at the tea shop- I can get nervous- however, opening a tea-shop at eight-thirty in the morning -all on me onesy- is right at the top of my list of favorite things.
To be the first one in, to unlock, prepare, and greet the day like that: well, I would love to do such a thing for the rest of my life. 
And the people were just so wonderful all day long! I wanted to hug everyone who came and went: it was all smiles and "good afternoons" given and said with the greatest of sincerity, because everyone was truly happy, and a better afternoon I have not seen in months.
I went home the long way (via Fred Meyer) to complete my grocery shopping, and every second of that sunshiney, 65-plus degrees, I absorbed with unparalleled delight.
I should also mention here:
I love my Fred Meyer's organic section. 
Anyway, we went shopping last night as a family (I drove!), and spent at least an hour at Old Navy. 
I ended up getting jeans that fit (hooray!) and a new blouse, both on sale, and it feels so wonderful to have something to wear that doesn't hang loosely off of my frame like a tattered flag, and isn't all worn-out.
 (I must here mention that I have to give up my Dottie Angel Thrift-Store Challenge. It's not been budget-smart, and only occasionally can I find something that's not worn out and fits me properly).
It's sunny again this morning, and I have the windows open (yes, I repeat that, the windows are open!)
and a whole new work-day (this time doing my regular hostessing position) ahead of me.
I had fresh strawberries in my cereal,
32 (going on 48) ounces of tea already,
And I'm going to go out for a brisk walk very shortly 
(before I go out for a longer brisk walk to work)
To admire the birds and flowers. 
I'm also finishing a new cardigan that I've been knitting for the past several days, 
so I'm very excited to post some pictures about that later.
But I'm craving some peanut butter, and that, invariably, comes first...
I hope all of you lovely, lovely people have as wonderful a day as I look forward to having, 
And that the sun is shining 
And your windows are open too.
Here; have some peanut butter and a hug. 


Emily Rose said...

doesn't it feel nice to have the windows open? Your cardigan is looking beautiful!

Kori said...

I love this season! So nice to have the windows open!

By the way--have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo

Anna Kristine said...

Hello! I ran across your blog a few weeks ago and have been so encouraged and inspired by it. :) And working at a tea shop sounds lovely...I too, am a tea addict. :) I don't make mugs of tea...I make pots. ;)
Your cardigan is looking ever so lovely, what yarn are you using? I have yet to tackle a cardigan but I am dying to! :) Mostly I knit small things such as hats and gloves at the moment.
Sorry for the incredibly long comment, I just wanted to say hello! I feel like I have stumbled across an old friend in finding your blog. :)
Have a splendid day,
~Anna Kristine

Rick_D_Anderson said...

Sounds like a very pleasant day :)

btw what is your top 3 favorite tea flavors? i'm just now becoming a tea addict and have absolutely no idea which teas are good and which are amazing.

Grace said...

DEAR oh dear! It would appear that the ONE time I forget to post links to the photos, everyone assumes they're mine! Eeeps! I've fixed the post now, but both lovely pictures are courtesy of
I WILL say that, though the knitting in that last pic is quite nice, mine is prettier. *giggle*

Anna: HOORAY for another kindred spirit! I drink tea by the gallon as well! And I love my loverly tea-shop job. I'm using Yarn Bee's baby "Pomp", which, for its inexpensiveness, is actually turning out to be excellent. I don't mind long comments: I LOVE them! Post a comment a mile long if you like, it will just make me happy. :D

Rick: you just asked a dangerous question, my friend. I will do two things now: I will refer you to a previous post on some excellent teas( ), and I shall proceed to post a NEW one. I never tire of discussing and raving about different brew-able leaves. :)

THERESA M said...

how weird is this. that's my breakfast every morning! yummm. great blog by the way!

Polka Dot said...

Tattered flag--LOL!

I love those days that start out bad but turn out beautiful. :) Shopping always helps.

Rick_D_Anderson said...

Wow, i just read the blog grace directed me towards, wow. There are alot of different tea's out there. I am yet a padwan learning the ways of the tea :)

Grace: I'll definetly keep an eye out for some of those tea's on your blog. Though I must say the tea I found in India is very very good. I may have to share some with you as a graduation gift. Some professional opinion would be greatly appritiated :)

Grace said...

Thank you Theresa! Although I eat a lot of fresh fruit, I wish I put it ON things more often, instead of constantly pairing it with peanut butter.

I kid you not, tattered flag is EXACTLY how it looks and feels!

Rick- Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a jedi YET! Actually, I'd probably die of happiness if you were to give me some tea STRAIGHT from India. As it is, I think I'll make an exchange gift by bringing you a few of my favorite loose leaf teas from the shop. :D

Rick_D_Anderson said...
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Rick_D_Anderson said...

Sounds like a deal! Sooo, I'll have to divide the tea a bit... How many grams/ounces are generally in these loose tea containers?