May 27, 2011

Hooray! I'm linking up with Jocee of Cupcake Dictionaries today for her blog party!! She has reached 100 followers, and we're having a party to celebrate! Head on over and link up with her! She's so much fun, and as The Cupcake Queen, I approve of her blog completely. 
For the fun stuff!

  • What would your dream summer vacation be?
    Probably going around the world for a "first-hand" tour. None of this guided stuff. I'd have a native of each area taking me to the best spots, the greatest hidden secrets, the deepest jungle treks, and the most beautiful mountain hikes. Of course, I'd spend the longest time in Ireland. At a farm house. Helping out with the everyday tours and "drudgery", and probably deciding that I'm never going to leave. *sigh*
    (In case you didn't know, it's been my life-long dream to live in Ireland). 
  • After a rainstorm, what you think of when you see the sun peeking out from the clouds?
    Most of the time: "Nooooo, come back rain!!"
    Other times: "We have found where the waters flow and a ray of promise can cheat the pensive gloom. What felicity in the world can compare to this?" (Followed by me feeling all poetical and instead of enjoying the sun, going inside and hunting for my copy of Hartley Coleridge's poems).
  • If you were stranded on a desert island with the sun streaming down on you and had ONE palm tree for shade, you can only have three things with you; what would they be?
    My Bible, a jar of peanut butter, and my knitting bag (which is so deep and full of the oddest items, it makes Mary Poppins' carpetbag look like a kiddy-pool with a handful of water toys in it).
  • Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or neopolitan?
    I'm a vanilla gal, but it depends entirely on whether or not I've got peanut butter to swirl in.
  • If you saw your celebrity crush walking down the beach with a surfboard, what would you do?
    My celebrity crushes happen to be either long deceased, very old, or extremely British, so I'd either:
    a). Faint. It's not every day you see William Shakespeare on a beach, much less carrying a surfboard (or even knowing what surfboard is).
    b). Wince. I love Stephen Fry and Michael Cain and all, but in swimsuit? With a surfboard? Ew. 
    c). Laugh at them. Honestly, you have to admit most Brits are rather pale, un-Californian-Beach types. Matthew McFadyen especially. 
  • If you went back in time for a day, what era would you go back to, and why?
    I'd be with The Doctor, so I wouldn't have to choose. And I favor Revolutionary America, and Victorian England because the history of the time absolutely fascinates me. I used to like the sound of the Medieval/Renaissance, but everyone was oppressed, lived in muck, smelled funny, had no teeth, and died excruciatingly young 
  • What's your favorite thing about waking up on a summer morning?
    I liked Lauren's answer, which was the birds a-singing outside of my window; but I also love the way the sun looks coming through the window, looking forward to the glorious freedom the day holds, and getting to spend my first moments awake in Prayer with God.
  • Your soundtrack or theme song(s) for the summer:
    I don't like Sheryl Crow at all, but I always find myself turning on "Soak Up The Sun" and putting it on repeat during the Summer. Also Love Lost and Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap, The Drifter And The Gypsy by Rosi Golan, White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes, the entire Our Endless Numbered Days album by Iron & Wine, Phoenix's first album, Hannah by Freelance Whales, Trust by The Generationals, and the Summer Tapes album by Trae Miller.
  • Say you went to California to visit family. What's the first thing you would buy?
    I do this often, actually. And it's usually a beverage (i.e. Starbucks or bottled tea) because I'm in a car, on a road trip.
  • Manicure, pedicure, or facial?
    None of the above? What? I have to choose? Okay, manicure. Blech.
  • What's your favorite color combination?
    Turquoise and brown. I also like pink/yellow/green/orange and blue/green a lot. 
  • If you were at the beach and you wanted to write a message in the sand, what would you write?
    "Do I Dare Disturb The Universe?"
  • You're stuck in Paris with $10,000. What do you do?
    You call that "stuck"!? Go to Laduree and buy at least one peanut butter flavored macaron (probably end up with a lot of other things, though), and then I'd take the rest, find and follow random people, and play the "secret philanthropist" game by cleverly hiding it for them to find and wonder how it appeared. 
    I think I've seen Amelie too many times.
  • What's your most favorite type of summer weather?
    A good, steady, middle warmth, with a nice light breeze that comes through just when you need it. Nothing oppressing.
  • Blowing bubbles while taking a bubble bath?
  • Cupcakes or dictionaries?
    Cupcakes. Without a doubt. *Waves cupcake wand*
    I wish I had time for more, but right now I'm hard-pressed time wise to finish in time all the things I need to complete before tomorrow. 
    What's that?
    "What happens tomorrow?" you say?
    You don't know?
    (You probably already do, but I'm going to say it again anyway).
    I'm graduating! 
    If you're in Idaho at around 3:30 tomorrow, head on over to the NNU campus to see me off! Also maybe to see whether or not I trip and fall. It's quite likely I will.
    I'm also a little worried because for the past day or so I haven't been able to see my list of followers. Can you see it? It seems to be hiding from me. 
    *sad sigh*
    Anywho, cheerio all my luvlies, and don't forget to linnk up too!


Emily Rose said...

I love your answers! My followers have been gone as well (I miss them;() Probably just a technical glitch.

Jocee said...

Cool answers!! Lol, I love your celebrity crush answers. "William Shakespeare with a surfboard?" That's just classic. Thanks for entering :))
-Jocee <3

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Traveling sounds awesome. Doing things first hand instead of with a guide is what I would love to do as well.

Theresa Rohrer said...

"My celebrity crushes happen to be either long deceased, very old, or extremely British..." ha ha! That was the perfect answer to that question. Well done! I'm still laughing.

Grace said...

HOORAY! I'm back!! The crazy-craziness of grajumacating made blog-checking impossible these past days! Thank you so much for the lovely compliments. (Emily, it would appear that my followers have reappeared. Yay!)
What can I say? I just don't like today's breed of men? (Unless they're Tall, British chaps.)