May 7, 2011

Far Above Rubies

"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies..."- Proverbs 31:10

I really don't feel like doing a blogpost right now, so I figured that meant that I probably should.
I've had a rather long, tiring day, and am looking forward to an even longer, even harder day tomorrow. Mother's Day weekend at the tea shop is always both hectic and ridiculously busy and crazy. Every year we have a special Sunday brunch on Mother's Day, and we are always booked with a waiting list beside. That and the day before make up the bulk of what we employees sometimes refer to as "suicide week".
Anyhow, today went wonderfully well and rather smooth- it's my first year not doing manual labor type stuff in the kitchen, and I was almost disappointed by how low-key it was. That being said, I'm still very tired (I went and helped in the kitchen at the end of the day) and tomorrow will be the true test.
But enough about me. I am very selfish. I could yammer on about the difficulties and stress of my work day due to Mother's Day, or I could actually talk about Mother's Day itself, and the most wonderfullest splendiferoust mother-of-mine.
So I'm going to opt for the latter.
I am so very blessed with the Mum that I have- she is truly amazing.
There's the usual reasons: she puts up with my bratty, teenager behavior, she sits in the passenger seat and doesn't die of a heart-attack whenever I drive, she endures hours of my selfishness, pestering questions, general stupidity, and all around weirdness.
But there's also the extraordinary as well: how she supports and provides for the family, how she brought eight people into the world, raised us all in a Christian home, home-schooled (yay!) us, and hasn't died of too much stress from any of it, her amazing musical gifts, her love of Christ, her example and advice to me, her strength and even her weakness, the way she protects me from the evils of this world, and then forgives me and loves me when I ignore her advice and end up getting really hurt...all of this adds up to one amazing woman, and that woman happens to be my dear-ol'-mum.
I am so very blessed indeed.
On this most auspicious of days, I hope you pause and take a look around enough to realize that you are seriously indebted to one woman for all she has been put through for you, and are able to truly be thankful for her. Happy mother's day to all the moms out there, young and old.


~Kimberly~ said...

Cute post!

I awarded you a stylish blog award, so feel free to check it out at my blog:

In Christ,

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Grace said...

THANK you!! You are so sweet! I do *not* deserve it (however, you do), but thank you!! :D