April 26, 2011

Go Ye Therefore

Of all the time I've spent watching videos on youtube, there are but a handful of minutes that have not been wasted, and a few circumstances in which I have found my time well-spent.
This is one of those times.
The Gospel, by Eric Ludy.


~Kimberly~ said...

Hehe, I just made a blog post of that video, as well. Eric & Leslie Ludy have such an amazing ministry going!

Grace said...

Teehee! I JUST now saw it on your blog! I feel so late to the party. :P
I absolutely adore Leslie Ludy, and they both are a great testimony for Christ.

Rick_D_Anderson said...

So, i know this is a ridiculously long time after the fact to comment, but i had to share, i'll probably tell you at graduation anyway :)

So when you posted this way back in april i was incredably touched by it and have taken it to heart, to be honest it has inspired me :)

Since then this video has helped me walk out of the 'Cell' and feel more free from my sin nature then ever before :)

I really want to thank you for posting this, I Know God has used you to help inspire me, so much to the point of showing this at youth group and basing a lesson around it :)

Thank you so much :)