April 7, 2011

Let's Take A Little Trip

Good morning, minions!
*insert evil chuckle whilst rubbing hands together in malignant glee here*
How have you all been faring during my prolonged absence? 
(This is an honest question, and I expect answers to be left in the form of comments.)
I had to go for the weekend to my old stomping grounds to visit a sick relative, and found, upon preparations and departure, that I'd had no time to update you lovely people as to the juicy details of my disappearence...
...Okay, not really, I just put off packing until the last minute and ended up having to cram. 
As it is, despite a very sick elderly relative, it was so wonderful to see my old home, smell the ocean air, feel the moisture seeping into my much-dehydrated skin, heart, and soul, and to visit and laugh with life-long friends. 
It was so much fun, in fact, that I continually forgot to bring out my camera and snap pictures. I often didn't realize this until I would stumble upon a Kodak Moment or realize in exasperation that I'd forgotten to put it into my purse before leaving our place of lodging. I think it's safe to say that 90% of any stress I felt during the entire trip occurred from the times I'd discover I'd missed a good photo op. 
Anywho, here are the few that I did get- so few that I felt I had to include them all, no matter how poor the quality, otherwise it would be silly to post any at all. 
Myself and Devyn (who was my first and best of friends, and always will be). 
She is, without a  doubt, one of the most talented pianists in the world, and one of the sweetest and funniest people you could know. I've always known how blessed I am to know her, and I am thankful still that we are friends.

This is us with the addition of Kristina. It seems every time I come back, she's far more grown up and a bit taller. What gives!?

We went to Applebee's our last night, something that's become a bit of a tradition, and ate dinner with Gramma. This is my father and brother Ben posing, in all their silliness. It's impossible to get a serious picture of these two (not that this bothers me). 

Patsy and my beloved Gramma (the most spectacular person in existence, in case you didn't know).

Aaaaand, my grilled cheese sandwich. 
I realized, upon looking through the fancy salads and sandwiches, that all I really wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich.
So I snapped up one of the kid's menus and found, to my delight, that the item of my heart's desire, and the cause of much childhood nostalgia, could still be found on kids menus in restaurants. 
So the best meal of the entire week- fancy salads, peanut butter sandwiches, sweets, snacks, and an amazing slice of pesto pizza all considered- was a Kraft grilled cheese sandwich on rye bread, served with a side of broccoli.  

The weekend also included wandering around downtown Santa Cruz (maybe one of the weirdest places in the world- a lot like a smaller, hippier, funkier Seattle: awesome!) looking for gifts to take back to my brother's girlfriend, Sophie. We stumbled in and out of a few stores (two of them being book stores with exceptionally good prices, at which I made a total of zero purchases: be proud of me), and ended up getting them matching Santa Cruz Skate Company t-shirts, and the sidled into Pizza My Heart to take them up on their $5 deal.
What is this $5 deal?
If you buy a slice- any kind- of their amazing and delicious pizza, they give you a Pizza My Heart t-shirt into the bargain. 
It's seriously a steal! I had a heavenly slice of pizza-crust perfection, slathered in tomato sauce, cheese, and pesto. And I gave my shirt to the Sophie (although I think I got the better end of the deal here).

All in all, I had a splendiferous time, although I had to spend aproximately 26-28 hours total in the car just to get there and back. I knit two cardigans during that time, and I'm still trying to restore full circulation to my leg-appendages. 
I hope you all haven't been getting into too much mischief without me, and I am going to be going through blog posts later this evening to make sure I haven't missed anything. 


Emily Rose said...

Sounds like fun! Did you seriously knit two cardigans in the car? That is really impressive! Glad to have you back!

Grace said...

I did- one is more of a shrug cardigan (I did that one on the way there), but the second one is more along the lines of full length- I still have to sew up some seams on it, but the knitting portion is done.
Thank you- it's good to be back! What were you up to whilst I was puttering around the coast?

Kaley Grace said...

Grilled Cheese!! YUMMY! I love eating off of the kid's menu every once in a while.

And, your hair is so cute!!!