April 25, 2011

Learning To Dance In The Rain

For all my complaints about the weather lately 
(and is it just me or do I seem to be constantly blogging on the state of the elementals outside? I feel pretty sad for having no other inspiring topics to put out into blog-dom.)
I do love rain.
And it is raining. 
Some days, I just want to start collecting umbrellas.
And not the modern ones, but the old-fashioned, curved-cane-handled, pointy-top kind.
I love any excuse to put on my galoshes- they make me happy.
(Mine are actually blue)

So cute! 
Can't wait for the rain to pause so that I can go out and do some puddle-jumping.
Right after I drive (yes, drive!) to the library and back. 
After all, good literature to ponder, peruse, and muse over whilst enjoying the rain's drippy sounds is a must.
As well as a pot or two of tea. 
In other news, I have to go to the doctor again on Wednesday.
I hate the doctor.
I dislike doctors in general.
Oh, my doctor is a nice lady and all- I've nothing against her personally
It's just that I do detest the way that they
and otherwise inspect you.
It's very unnerving and uncomfortable
And it feels like, every time I go in, I hear nothing but more bad news and corrections.
Bah humbug.
It's time for that trip to the library! 
Leave comments and tell me all about your Easter!


Emily Rose said...

I love the duckies in the puddle--super cute!
My Easter was sugary, busy, filled with yummy food.:D A perfect way to spend the holiday.
Ooh it's so exciting that you can drive to the library! Congrats!

Grace said...

Duckies are the bomb-diggity! I had a quiet Easter at home, after a loud potluck lunch at church. The best of both worlds. :)