March 4, 2011

Simply Awesome

I am quite flattered to receive this honor from my best of friends, Brianne, over at There We Be. I honestly don't think I deserve it, but I'm more than happy to post five things that are simply awesome, and then pass this award on to a handful of other bloggers I love, whom you should probably be loving too. Here are the official rules.
1. Accept this award graciously because you (and your blog) are simply awesome.
2. Pass it on to five other bloggers who have simply awesome blogs, and tell them about it- either by commenting on their blog, emailing them, etc.
3. List five things that you find simply awesome.
4. Pass these rules on.

Now for my five favorite, simply awesome things!
1. Travel 
(mainly the following destinations)

 Seattle, WA


Sardine Lake, CA

2. Peanut Butter 

I'm not picky, so long as it's organic, made from peanuts, and without added oils. My favorites are Trader Joe's, Kirkland's, and fresh ground. 
(In case you're wondering, I'm a peanut butter addict. I kid you not when I say that I stand in front of the refrigerator and eat it straight from the bottle. I have cravings for it during the day. I put it on all my fruit, in my hot breakfast cereals, in my Greek Yoghurt, in my ice get the idea. I love peanut butter).

3. Cupcakes

You have no idea how hard it was to not list these first. 
(Those, by the way, are pumpkin chocolate, and regular pumpkin cupcakes, with cinnamon chai buttercream frosting. On of my favorite creations to date.)

4. Hand-knit Socks

Okay, okay, so those are stockings. Still, there is nothing in the world to compare to a pair of hand knit socks. They are so comfy and luxurious. Creating socks are, to the world of knitting, what nibbling candy is to the world of eating. Pure delight and indulgence. 


I'd be lying if I said I don't spend more time browsing Etsy than I ever do on anything else. I love Etsy. It's craftiness makes me smile in sheer, blissful happiness. Give me ten dollars to spend on anything I want, and I can guarantee you I'll find something on Etsy. 
Etsy = LOVE 

Now, for the five simply awesome blogs!
1. Brianne at There We Be. (I know I'm probably not supposed to tag the person who tagged me, but it's true! She really is simply awesome!
2. Kaley Grace at Over The Rainbow (inspirational, hilarious, and downright fun!)
3. Theresa over at Roaring Design (it's kind of her fault I ever even started blogging!)
4. Tif of Dottie Angel (never ceases to make my day with her ramblings)
5.Polka Dot at {Life Is Too Short Not To} Wear Red Shoes. (Everything this lady puts to, blog paper, that is, is fantastic. She just did a great review of one of my all-time favorite movies and plays- As You Like It- which makes me double happy. I love anyone who loves Shakespeare.)

Alright- in case you were wondering, it was hard to shave down my list of favorites, both blogs and subjects,  to the five listed here. I'll probably wake up tomorrow with five completely different things that I'll wish I'd have put in their place (think Musical Theater and Literature), but for now this will do. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and feel free to pass on this button, whether or not you were tagged- I think all my followers are *simply awesome*


Jocee said...

Cupcakes...mmmmmmm that sounds so good!! We made some yesterday and my mom ate them all. Goshbubbles! I love your blog and thanks for following mine :))
-Jocee <3

Brianne said...

I think you're honestly bamboozled about your own awesomeness. *grins*

That picture of Hugo @Sardine Lake is really an amazing picture! Lovin' it.

Trader Joe's? I'd better try it... and you, my dear need to try no-stir organic creamy from MaraNatha. For serious.

THOSE STOCKINGS! ARE! BEAUTIFUL! I've never seen anything like that afore. O.o

Hahaha! You're doubly awesome and false for tagging me again and for saying such crazy things, and I love you! :D

Lily said...

Yeah, I'd say cupcakes are awesome....and delish. (:


satire and theology said...

Seattle and Ireland are both very green because of the rain...good scenic choices. I like them both but more so Ireland and especially Dublin. Belfast is a bit rundown.


Dr. Russ Murray:)

Theresa Rohrer said...

Thanks for spreading the Awesomeness! I think you're pretty awesome too! I can't wait to start knitting those socks.
I raise a cup of tea to you!