March 1, 2011

Oh Sweet Nothin'

As it is Tuesday, I thought it was about time that I do some writing (even if it is nonsensical blog ramblings. At least I'm putting something of what's in here *taps head* out there). The only problem is, I really feel as if I have nothing to write about. 
A predicamental conundrum to be sure. 
Let me start with the book that I finished yesterday morning. 
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.
Although I'd call this book "light reading" it somehow manages to place itself in a gray area, as it addresses post-World War II life in ramshackle England, and the island of Guernsey, which was under German occupation and oppression for nearly five years. It's not especially deep and dark in its respects to that subject, but it definitely instilled in me a curiosity to pursue the subject a bit farther, if not just to see how accurate the book's fictional account is. I was heartily glad to find it was quite accurate, but still tinged by the horrors people suffered during that time.
As it is, the main character, Juliet, is just wonderful. She's witty, a tad ridiculous, and- although not extremely complex- quite human and an excellent lead. 
I have to be careful about writing a review for this book, as my fan-girly love and obsession for it might end up speaking for me.
I should also mention that the book- although "Adult Fiction" was clean, as far as sexual content goes. There was some language use, but quite sparse and used only sparingly. 
I couldn't put it down after I began the first paragraph, and, in the end, I went out and bought it yesterday because I have to have this on my (very crammed) bookshelf. 
In short: read it.

My other activities include cross-stitching a giant cupcake sampler. I will openly admit to being one of those devilishly crafty people that drives others crazy: I knit (well, to tell the truth, I eat, breathe, live yarn), I can crochet with a small degree of accomplishment, I sew (machine and hand- mostly by hand), I embroider, I cross-stitch, I draw, I paint, I make masks, I cut and paste things together, and I have been known to occasionally attack people with my glue gun and to eat crayons.  
Aint nobody stands between me and my paper cutter.
Be ye warned.
Here's my progress on the cupcake thus far. 

It's coming along nicely, so far, and I hope to have it done by tomorrow morning.

Well, that would appear to be all I can come up with at the moment as far as subject matter goes. I have a graduation meeting this afternoon, and until then I firmly intend to drink an entire pot of tea, wander around the neighborhood, and work on my cupcake a little more. (There will inevitably be some poetry reading in there somewhere: today seems very Keats, don't you think?)
Cheerio, dear readers!


Brianne said...

I have no time to say everything that I want to right now, but I will say CUPCAKE! WIN!

See you soon. :)

Simona said...

Oh, don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure you have a lot to say! :)
You peeked my interest with the book review especially since it has to do with Guernsey. My family and I went there on vacation when I was little and we came home with great memories.

Grace said...

Haha! Thank you Brianne! I've finished with the initial cupcake, and am flirting with the idea of cross-stitching "It's Good To Be Queen" around it. ;)

Simona: I always seem to have a plethora of words and topics, and they all often disappear *poof!* as soon as I click the "New Post" button. I need to start a folder or desktop folder that I can throw in random notes and pictures for blog topics.
I'd LOVE to visit Guernsey (Well, I'd love to visit England in general), now more so than ever.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love that book! I came across it at a house I was house sitting and asked if I could borrow it, I read it in two days!! I very sadly gave it back and then found a copy at our library’s book sale for $0.50, huzzah!! =)

Kaley Grace said...

Ooooooooh dear. That cross-stitch cupcake is among the cutest things I've ever SEEN! I LOVE IT! :)