March 7, 2011

Marching Around

March has come in like a lion, so the saying goes, bringing with it bipolar temperatures and a good deal of snowfall. It was 50 degrees yesterday afternoon- I was sure my chance for a picnic was fast approaching!- but this morning saw us waking up to steady snowfall and a layer of powder on the grass. As it is, my love of all things Winter, snow, and ice seems to have returned with the snow, and I am more than happy to sit inside, musing, and working my way through a colossal list of things to do, a compendium that has been collecting for some time now (thank you Mr. Procrastinate!) 

It's break time now, though, and I'm putting away my lists and menu plans for an upcoming tea party I am going to hold (Ginger Meringue Kisses? Summer Berry Scones? Wheat and Oat Irish Soda Bread with Blue Cheese Spread? Lemon Meringue Cupcakes? Fresh Fruit Salad With Devonshire Cream? Pots of my own personal chai blend, jasmine phoenix pearl, and cinnamon orange spice tea? You're suddenly wishing you lived in Idaho, aren't you? And this is only a few of the things the planned spread will offer!), and the blueprint-like plans for a hopeful garden I look forward to creating (as soon as it begins to stop snowing). With a steaming mug of homemade hot chocolate in hand and Pandora's classic show-tunes station playing in the background, I'm now going to get through the list of random things I've been meaning to blog about. 

Sewing, Knitting, and Other Craftiness
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Now that I've (almost) completely completed high school, I'm looking forward to doing lots of sewing. It's only March and I'm already tired of settling for only what clothes our thrift stores have to offer. So, I am going to embark on another sewing craze. Simplicity patterns are $0.99 this week at Hobby Lobby (not including my mother's employee discount! Hooray!) , and I thoroughly mean to stock up on some patterns. Anyone who knows about patterns knows what a deal this is, and I don't mind spending a few dollars out of my tight budget on something that will clothe me for a long time to come. Here are the patterns I'd like to get.

I'm not sure which I like more here: the dress, or the jacket.

Vintage style: yes please! Loving the middle dress. 

Regency dresses! I've been meaning to get this pattern for a while- now's my chance! What they don't show you is that it comes with a bonnet pattern- a bonnet that looks exactly like 90% of the bonnets worn in the mini-series production of Pride and Prejudice.

I don't think I'll actually get this one, but I've always loved the dresses Kate Winslet wore in Titanic, and am ecstatic that they have a pattern available for them.

More vintage! I have no desire whatsoever to be seen in those trousers, but that skirt suit set is absolutely stunning, and I already feel like a character from an Masterpiece production of an Agatha Christie novel. An added bonus? I think the hat pattern is included! 

I've spent the last week knitting up every single scrap of sock yarn in my possession in a mad attempt to give each of my hand knit socks a partner. I have this dislike bordering on loathing of having to knit a second sock. By the time I've completed the first, I've had my fill of sock knitting for a while, and am too easily distracted to do another one. I've seen a method that makes it possible to knit two socks at once, and I'm beginning to think that if I ever want to have a complete pair of hand knit socks in my plethora of singles, I'm going to have to learn it. In the mean time, I want to make these socks- I love the cable look!

I've had the pattern for these legwarmers for a long time now, but have shied away from them because of the intricacy. I'm tired of putting it off, so I'm going to make this my next project. I'll probably only end up making one. *sigh*

Tea Party!
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I discovered after having to decline an invitation to a Victorian Ball that I still had a Saturday off at my disposal. Since I wasn't able to hold the Christmas party I had so longed for, I decided to have a Spring celebration instead (well, Spring if the snow stops falling).
I've spent the past two weeks playing with the idea and not really doing anything about it. However, the longer I procrastinated the harder it would be to hold, so I've finally gotten around to planning. I've narrowed down my menu and have a list of special ingredients that need to be bought between now and then (stretch that budget, Grace!). I'm going to start my decorating plans soon, and still need to decide what card games will be played. It will be more of a relaxed afternoon with Church friends, accompanied by card games, tea, and treats than a real tea party. If we have eight people then I can teach everyone how to play whist- the most commonly referenced card game in Jane Austen's books- and I'm praying that it is a fine enough day to put up the canopy in the back yard so we can eat and sit outside. 

Garden Plans
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I've attempted a garden in the past, and my hopes and dreams never really pan out very well. However, after taking a year or two off of my gardening attempts, and having moved to a new, more garden-appropriate house, I hope to succeed in my endeavors. It may easily be that I have no green thumb, and if I fail miserably this year, then I'll declare it so and never attempt to do anything with a shovel and pack of seeds again. I'm aiming a little smaller this year. I'm going to plant a few flowers in the beds, but for the most part I will put things in pots. I am also loving the idea of tulips and peonies, although this probably will never become a reality. 

Magazine Love
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I have recently discovered a love for decorating, gardening, food, travel, and home-making magazines. I love looking at the pictures and making the food. Some of my favorites are:

What I'm Reading
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I have, as always, and extensive, never ending list of things to read. What I'm most excited about right now is Joan Bauer's latest novel Close To Famous, especially since the main character is a baker. And the front cover has cupcakes on it!! I love everything Joan Bauer writes, and I think this will be no exception. 
I've been thrilled to discover the plethora of knowledge and good, Christian advice that is Leslie Ludy. Although she supports femininity in the form of girliness far more than I care for myself, her advice in following God, especially as pertains to relationships, is fantastic! I've purchased her book Set Apart Femininity and eagerly await its arrival in the mail. 

I also recently discovered the poetry of Robert W. Service, or, more specifically, his book Rhymes of a Rolling Stone. The poem A Rolling Stone may become my poem theme, gypsy that I am, and I especially love the final line of the poem. It reads: 
"Then every star shall sing to me
Its song of liberty; 
And every morn shall bring to me
Its mandate to be free.
In every throbbing vein of me
I'll feel the vast Earth-call;
O body, heart and brain of me
Praise Him who made it all!"

Well, all you bloggy bloggers! Breaktime is long past over, and I've got work to be done. Have a lovely afternoon and I hope that inclement weather won't keep you from doing the things you love and want to do. Cheerio!


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Lovely post, those sewing patterns are wonderful!

Grace said...

Thank you! I'm excited to get sewing and stitching away! :D

Brianne said...

Seriously girl, you know how to make a person happy through lovely posts. ^_^

Those socks! Ginger meringue kisses?! And the middle dress you mentioned... all *SO* lovely! And seriously, the yummy-sounding kisses... I think I might *need* them!!


Grace said...

Well it's a good thing you're coming to the party, now innit? :D

I'm going to risk sounding silly here, but one of the best part about them is that they only have about 30 calories per cookie. :O

Theresa Rohrer said...

I've already got three of those Simplicity patterns in my stash and I can't wait to try them, especially the Regency one! You should watch Jo-Ann's sales. About every other month they have all their Simplicity patterns for $1. That's when I stock up and buy all the patterns I think I'll want to sew during the year. I think of them as my cookbooks for sewing. I rarely actually follow a pattern, but I like to have them as a base.

I also had no idea there was a magazine called "Tea Time" with tea party ideas in it! I now know what I'm going to get my mom for her birthday! Yet another lovely post!

Grace said...

Tea time is great! I love the many MANY recipes in it. However, I prefer Bliss Victoria- not nearly as many recipes, but it's chock full of travel destinations and beautiful beautiful pictures. The pages of my magazines are covered in drool.

I'm better at pattern deviating in everything BUT sewing. If I'm following a sewing pattern, then I find I must stick to it. If I'm creating my own pattern or doing alterations, though, then I'm as free as can be! :D