March 25, 2011

In Which I Play The Catch-Up Game

Oh dear.
I've been most remiss in my blogging obligations these past few days.
Do you want to know how many times in the last three days I've thought "Hm, I ought to blog that," or "I really need to comment on this," or "Time for a new post!...later...".
I've been working every day, but that is no excuse since there is plenty of time in between work, sleep, and mischief in which to write a blog post. 
I'm ashamed of my procrastination. 
However, great was my joyful surprise yesterday when I found that there was a mistake in the schedule, and I did not, in fact, have to work today! This is all well and good in general, but I have my reasons for happiness.
I'm holding a tea party tomorrow! 
I'm planning it as a small celebration of Spring, among just a handful of friends, and I won't let the fact that the forecast went from yesterday's predicting a sunny Saturday to today's which says expect nothing but thunderstorms tomorrow. Bipolar weather is what makes Spring so fabulous, after all. 
I was planning on getting home tonight, staying up late making food, sleeping on the couch, (the family room is immediately adjacent to the kitchen), waking up early to do more baking, and then cleaning everything top-to- bottom. Now I have two days in which to clean, bake, and otherwise prepare (although I'll probably still sleep on the couch and wake up early. The couch is, sadly, far more comfortable than my old box-spring mattress. I wouldn't mind sleeping there every night). 
And it also means extra time for blogging.
"What will be at the tea party?" You may ask.
There will be cupcakes, of course. 

{Image Source Unknown}

And I somehow managed to have some self control when I bought my teas at work yesterday. I left with only three different kinds of loose tea (cinnamon orange spice, rooibos chai, and jasmine phoenix pearl- the latter two being my favorites) and I plan on serving some green-mint tea, home-made chai, and hot chocolate as well.

{Image Source Unknown}

But I'm mostly excited about the cupcakes.

{Image Source Unknown} 

I'm going to go for a mock cheesecake-style cake (I call it the cupcake butt!) and a cherry topping, decked with powdered sugar. 
(For those of you who don't know, I am the cupcake queen. I would gladly make cupcakes for a living, and eat them for the rest of my life. I even have a shirt and wear a tiara while I bake.)

{Image via me!}

Either way, I can't wait, and I'm still praying that the weather ends up sunny- despite channel 7's grim predictions- that way I can put up some chairs outside and we can meander around in the sunshine. 

I've been spending all of my other extra minutes and stolen hours planning my veggie garden (which needs to be begun indoors before transplanted into the garden.

{Image Source Unknown}

I'm dying to grow some tomatoes. 

Also, I've been working on getting this
{Image via me!}

To look a little more like this.
{Image via me!}

It's nice having one's books at least somewhat organized. Especially when they have been threatening to eat your entire workspace for a few months now. 

Well, I'm off to start that cleaning list I mentioned earlier. 
I can hear birds singing outside of my window, and I will confess, it's one of the loveliest sounds in the world. Flowers are blooming (I need to buy a bouquet or two this afternoon, for the table centerpiece) and Spring is truly coming to stay. 
I hope you all have a wonderful, fabulous Friday!


Lauren said...

That sounds like so much FUN!!! Ah, maybe I'll do that someday! You've inspired me ;)
And that bookshelf/desk is intense, yet extremely awesome. It just looks amazing :D

anna :) said...

haha, love the cupcake queen tshirt :) and spring is rather bipolar, which reminds me of a certain song lyric.

"and lately the weather has been so bipolar and consequently so have i..." -relient k

Grace said...

Lauren: it *is* fun! Absurdly fun!! I have asked everyone who can to bring a teapot, that way I can serve as many teas as possible (I work in a teashop, so I have an unlimited supply of good tea!)and we're going to play card games. But I'm not gonna lie, the cooking has been the best part so far. I think I just took the most amazing ginger meringues out of the oven- I may eat them all before tomorrow!

Anna: That lyric has been running through my head all morning! :D

Grace said...

Also, thank you- it's my favorite shirt (as you can imagine). :P

mist of the blossom rain said...

What a lovely idea! Check lists are my life. I use them especially when I am cleaning. Makes life so much easier, huh?
Have fun with your party! Cupcakes are a must when celebrating spring.;)

Brianne said...

I. Am. So. Excited.

And! Mi madre is letting me bring her favorite teapot with bluebirds on it. *feels special*

I want to come help you get set up! Not that you don't have it under control- you SO do! But it would be fun. (If you didn't want to let me ruin your baked treasure by trying to 'help', then you could have me dust or scrub something! :D)

Anonymous said...

This blog pretty much sucks. Who cares about cupcakes, peanut butter and your pathetic tea party. Surely not me or anybody else on planet earth. :|

Grace said...

Brianne: I *do* have everything- scrubbing, dusting, cooking, dancing- all under control and prepared. Just have to make up a batch of scones and I'm set!
Anonymous: Whoever *does* care about my blog most certainly does not include you. Although I wonder if you don't care why you would take the time to comment? As it is, your opinion has been duly noted and I should be saddened indeed if you felt at all obligated to read and comment on my blog ("that pretty much sucks"). :)

Lolei said...

this post made me laugh!
I love baking things, its soo good when something you bake tastes like it should!
Niceeee blog :D

Brianne said...

Anonymous- That was entirely untrue and uncalled-for. Come back soon with a better attitude and some culture, please! :)

Grace- I love you. People obviously care. <3