March 21, 2011

Hullo, Rainy Day!

It's rainy today.
And, as I have always (well, always minus the past few weeks during which I seem to have been craving nothing but absolute sunshine) loved the rain.
I want to splash around in puddles in a pair of polka-dot rubber galoshes.
I have spent the last two years wishing with all of my heart for a pair of rubber galoshes, but I still don't own any. I've had my eye on they ones they carry at Target for a while now- by far the most affordable I've seen anywhere. Who knows: maybe I'll get my wish for my eighteenth birthday! (It's highly unlikely, but I can dream, can't I?!)
I think the I've been so caught up in my craving for sunshine and flowers, I've forgotten that rain helps create the flowers, and how beautiful the sun looks as it breaks through the clouds. 

The following two pictures were taken in Idaho right as a storm was dying down.
If there is one thing I can boast of about the place I live, it's that we have a fantastic sky. Living in a massive valley does have its perks. 
(In case you're wondering, I only tweaked the first one a very little on Picnik, and hardly at all on the second- those vivid colors are 100% God-made: I just added a vignette border.)

Isn't God's creation stunning?
I would give up my telly, I would (consider) giving up my books, just to able to sit outside and watch the beauty that surrounds each one us; the beauties that we try to arrange and take credit for, but yet remain uncontrolled by the hands of men; the beauties that we try to understand with our microscopes, lectures, and science, but never quite grasp the intricacies of.
I look around me at this world that God created for a purpose, and filled with so many wonderful things, and am awe-struck.
And you expect me to believe that all of this happened by accident?
{"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..."}

What are your thoughts on rainy days? Do they fill you with delight the way they do me?
Do you look out at the clouds and think to yourself  "Hooray! Where's my blanket, book, and tea?"
Whichever you prefer- rain or shine- be thankful for both. 
Without either, there would be no flowers. 


Lily said...

I totally love the rain!!! Especially a sweet, gentle spring lovely. Makes me want to have a cup of tea and a Jane Austen novel. (:

Love always,

KatySue Pillsbury said...

I love the rain(for the most part!)and was very excited when I got goo-loshes last year! =)

Grace said...

Cup of tea is an absolute, but when it comes to Jane Austen and Rain I can only read Perusasion. I don't know why...
The Bronte sisters are PERFECT for rainy days!! Wuthering Heights is really put into perspective when read by a rain-soaked window.

Katy, I am so so so SO jealous!!!! I covet galoshes the way Snoopy covets chocolate chip cookies. *Sigh*

Grace said...

GUESS WHAT! I just got some galoshes online! Discounted at $10!! Hooray! I shall have my puddle-jumpers by the end of the week. ^_^

mist of the blossom rain said...

I love the rain! Outside my bedroom window we have a small copper roof, and when it's raining, you can hear it pitter-patter against the metal.:)

Grace said...

Oooh, I'm a little jealous- no copper roofs here: just the regular pitter-patter on the grass. It's still one of God's greatest "scores", though. :D

Brianne said...

The images in this post are riveting, and I love getting in wet in the downpour... and the puddles! But I'm in desperate need of some sunshine at the moment... we'll see what happens. :)

ps- bought you somethin' today. :)

Kaleena J. said...

rain is my fave weather. :)

beautiful pics!