March 14, 2011

A Head Full Of A Heart-full.

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Good evening all!
I am parked on my family's downstairs sofa, in my favorite green and blue polka-dotted pajama bottoms, Threadless tee, cozy cable slippers, and hand-knit mossy-green arm/legwarmers, typing away at my computer whilst making a half-hearted study of the art of container potting and gardening. It's quiet in the kitchen, where it still smells of tonight's tender pork pot-roast and a loaf of golden sweet cornbread, and I can hear the murmuring of my many siblings as they begin to drop off for the night. The picture on the telly is one of a blank screen- one of my favorite "shows"- and night is settling over all like a comforting blanket. I can feel its affects as it tugs at the edges of my consciousness, leading me towards a world of "sweet dreams, and health and quiet breathing."
I am so content.
So happy.
And so tired.

"What is bringing about this strange complacency of mind and emotion?" you might ask.
The answer?

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I've said it recently, and I shall say it again: I'm not normally like this.
I love Winter. I love the cold. 
But this year I can't wait for the chill nip and bite, for Jack Frost and his cronies, to all head for the hills, vanquished by the Sun and her happy rays. 
I've been investigating the world of gardening again.
I've done this in the past, but it never quite turns out how I want it to. This year, however, I'm thinking smaller and far more reasonable. I'm going to shoot for more containers and am actually going to put some effort in (I hear this does wonders). So today, I donned some old garden gloves, put on my oldest, rattiest, jeans, and went to work. 
Let me mention that I'd like to get my hands on the knucklehead who decided it would be nice to plant Pampas grass in the front yard. I'm from Northern California, right on the beach, where Pampas grass is considered little more than a common plant and weed. Here, Idahoans think it's pretty, so they plant it in their front yards. We asked the owners when we moved in last year if we couldn't remove the offending plant, and they said no. So while I'm attempting to be a green-thumbed gardener, I'm being forced to leave two giant weeds in the foreground of my lovely plot which is otherwise full of potential. They are so hard to clean up after, especially after Winter. 
This won't crush my spirit, though. I had a wonderful day of walking to and from the library, which was followed by digging, cooking, and writing. After this, I'm going to spend some quality devotional time where I fully intend to heartily thank God for all that he does and is doing for me in my life. 
By the way, I can't seem to get this verse out of my head tonight.
 "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance..." {Proverbs 15:13}
I thought of this when I happened to catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror earlier this evening: it was so happy and light, and for a second I hardly recognized that it was me I was looking at. This only made me smile even harder as I remembered this verse. It means that if you are truly happy- in your heart and soul- then it cannot help but be written over every portion of your face. 
God has given me a merry heart.
And not just merely merry, but full
At this moment in time, I feel so full of happiness and "that peace which passeth all understanding", that I'm grinning like a fool, and I have no cemented reason to account for it other than some time spent digging in the dirt,  a little vitamin D, and some wonderful cornbread.
Isn't the way God works wonderful?

I'm going to leave you with but one question tonight, and hope that you are able to say- without a moment's hesitation- "yes".
Are you happy?

{"This is the day which the Lord hath made: let us rejoice and be glad in it."}

{"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on the thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength."}

I fully look forward to tomorrow (another day off work) in which I plan to wander some more, buy some seed packets, make some cupcakes, and maybe even be induced to wake up early to make an extra nice breakfast for The Siblings. Sometime in the next day or so I have to hard-boil some eggs. I love hard-boiled eggs. 

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mist of the blossom rain said...

I love this post! It just made my heart glow through and through. Spring is on our doorstep, and while recently at the grocery store we saw the first crocuses.
Good luck gardening! It certainly does sooth the soul.:)

Lily said...

*sighs*'s getting closer to my neck of the woods, but still not quite here. (:
Have fun with your gardening!!! You've inspired me to get out and do some gardening of my own...*laughs*


anna :) said...

oh, how i love spring :) the wind in my hair, the grass beneath my feet. it's just so... reviving.

and like Lil said -- have fun with that gardening! my mom loves it, so i'm sure i'll be helping out over spring break *nods knowingly* i can see it now...

-anna :)

Lauren said...

You write so beautifully, Grace! Even in just describing your day ;)
And I agree with "mist", this post made my heart glow! I was so happy, and felt so warm and fuzzy inside while reading it, haha :D

Grace said...

Haha! It would appear that I unwittingly have been throwing warm fuzzy confetti around! I'm so excited for Spring, even if the warm waether decided to retreat this morning and allow some rain- at least I know it's helping the flowers that I can see beginning to bud on the trees.

Don't get too inspired, Lily! If my past experiences are any example, this may not last too long or look too good. I'm hoping sheer determination to succeed will drive me to persevere. I'm just nervous about spiders....

Grace said...

Oh, and Anna: by "helping" I assume she'll be having you pull the weeds and digging while she works on the blueprints and designs? ;)

Brianne said...

*Sigh* Your posts certainly do the trick when it comes to my happiness! ;) Really though. You know how to hit the warm-fuzzy button...

I'm so looking forward to the warmth. :)

Also- God is so Good! understatement.

Sophie said...

Reading this made me happy, Grace. Thank you. :)