March 11, 2011


In a hurried rush of design updating this evening, I have decided that I'm going to post buttons. 
As you can see, at the top I have a new page entitled "Clickitty-Links", where I will be listing all buttons, blog and otherwise, for your viewing and perusal enjoyment. I have only had the chance to list a handful on there, but if you have a button for your blog (and I am following you) let me know in a comment to this post, and I will be more than happy to put you on my little list. 
I ought to be getting my button up and running soon. My lovely friend Brianne was kind enough to design a few for me, quite unasked, and as I love all three it may be hard to pick just one or even two. I'll get those up someday, but in the meantime, enjoy looking through them and leaving your links for me to add! 


Brianne said...

Hoorah! I love the page title- "Clickitty-Links" is too much fun to say... over and over. :D

And also, you really don't have to use any of the buttons I made! You are the more accomplished, more talented artist, so I can see what beauty you would come up with! I just had too much fun with your pictures, hehe!


Grace said...

Haha! It IS fun to say, I will admit! And I love your button creations, so I won't be changing/making new ones (and I have no idea how to create them in the first place). :D