February 15, 2011

Springing Forward

I honestly wish I knew what science there is behind the groundhog and his climatic predictions, for for the past two years his shadow hasn't lied. We indeed are experiencing an early Spring. The weather is warming, there is a light stirring breeze, and I have already seen a Robin Redbreast hunting for a worm in a sad-looking flower bed. Anyone who knows me well will be surprised when I say that I cannot help but revel in it. I- the lover of rain and wet, the Ice Queen, the only one who ever welcomes Winter and weeps as she makes her yearly withdrawal- am thoroughly enjoying the coming of Spring. Uncharacteristic, yes, but I cannot indulge my inner Charlotte Bronte, with her sweeping moors and misty weather, forever. I've been feeling very Austen-tatious of late, and I do declare that I know exactly how Elizabeth Bennet felt when she meandered through flowery fields and quiet woods on her many walks.

I myself do a lot of walking. And when I say a lot, I mean more than just a great deal. In a flight of romantic fancy I like to call myself a modern-day gypsy with an incredible case of wanderlust. One of my siblings, however, has suggested that I'm merely inflicted with and am going to die of restless leg syndrome. As it is, nothing pleases me more than to spend hours and hours out of doors, wandering and walking willy-nilly, with hardly any idea of where I'm going and no wish to arrive at any destination.

Sometimes I listen to music when I go on my many walks, but more and more I'm learning to enjoy the silence and solitude that my own mind affords me. This morning was one such occasion and I am glad for it, because there were at least three birds for every tree, all singing raucously and making a sunny day all the brighter for it. I even saw one chap constructing a nest in the still bare branches of a tree. I can't wait for the cherry trees to bloom and the heavenly aroma of the cherry blossoms- my favorite flower- to fill the air.

I was looking through my pictures and found this one from last Spring, taken right after we moved into our new house. This is what I refer to as "The Magic Pathway", and I walk along most or all of it daily. Something must be wrong with me, because I simply can't wait for the grass to be this green and inviting again.

I'm not sure where I found this photo, but it's my idea of the perfect kitchen. Simple, sweet, inviting, and with great lighting (not to mention clean). It just seems so Spring-y to me, and I've been itching to get some baking done. I think this weather calls for a batch of French Honey Madelienes.

This weather also calls for cup of chai tea, and some of Priscilla Ahn's music, not to mention a day spent shopping with my mother. With the promise of fair weather and and new season all around, what do you feel like doing? What's your idea of the perfect Spring afternoon? Is it a glass of raspberry lemonade after preparing the new garden? Arriving home to a pot of tea, some crafting (or reading) and a Jane Austen film? I really do want to know, so feel free to comment and tell! I may even post them in an upcoming post. In the mean time, don't forget to vote for this week's Fancy Friday post; Prince William and his blushing bride, Kate, seem to be winning by a landslide (I will admit I was hoping Romola Garai would win). I hope you all have a lovely afternoon and sweet week.


Brianne :) said...

Your contentment with Spring's coming this year is unexpected and lovely- I'm glad you're enjoying it, dear Gypsy.

Which sibling suggested the RLS idea? Too funny.

I absolutely love the photograph of the robin- so vibrant.

Spring, to me, means Resurrection Sunday, Ryan's birthday, bike rides, and laying on my tummy in the grass writing poetry.

Grace said...

I think it was either Bill or Tom- maybe even Jim? It was a brother, and it was said is all that I remember. It's a funny idea, though!

Oooh, I like yours: especially the tummy-grass-poetry one. The bike rides are a good idea too, although I don't have a bike.

Brianne :) said...

O.o You need a bike. It's necessary.

Grace said...

It IS necessary! I dream of owning a vintage-style bike in yellow, blue, or red. But instead, I have an imaginary one. *sigh*

Brianne :) said...

I have a vintage-style bike in powder blue that for reasons I will explain in private (haha) I won't be riding any time in the next year most likely! It's up for borrowsy-grabs, if you want a little variety from walking. :) I don't know if that's convenient or silliness, but lemme know. :D

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