February 11, 2011

Snow Sneak

Hello bloggers! I have finally returned from my week-long sabbatical away from many things, and am ever so excited to tell you about all the things I've done since last Friday.

First, let me apologize for today's lack of fancy-ness. However, to make up for it I'm going to steal an idea from Kori over at Blonde Episodes and make a poll on the subject available. Only, instead of Fine-Man Friday votes, you get to decide who or what the subject of each Fancy Friday will be. I'll have a poll up there as soon as I can get to it, so be sure to vote!

Last weekend up in McCall and Cascade, Idaho's Winter playground and all around backyard, was absolutely wonderful. I am so honored and excited to be graduating with the people of my class, and there are so many inside jokes and games that we now have, thanks to this past weekend. However, upon arriving home I found I'd caught a nasty cold, and I've spent the entire week either being sick, recovering, or feeling stuffy and coughy in general. I'm doing far better now, though, and am already looking forward to our next big event with the Homeschool Graduating Class of 2011. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

We all spent the afternoon on a sleigh covered in bales of hay, providing a snack for and speculating over a large pack of Elk in Donnelly.

It was a nice enough experience- the deer were absolutely amazing up close, if not a little pushy. Imagine having this shoved into you, merely for sitting upon a choice patch of wet hay. I was nipped on the backside a number of times, and very nearly gored to death by a bull elk once, but we had an enjoyable time none-the-less.

The next day, after many goodbyes to our group, Brianne and I (in the company of Jim and Sophie) wandered around the McCall Winter Carnival, admired the ice sculptures, and were "serenaded" by a one-man band playing "Oh Susanna".

I particularly liked (and agree with) this comical fellow's plea to the general public.

After this, we stopped into a fabulous, very hippie (I wish I'd snapped a picture of the "Hippies Welcome" sign visible in the kitchen), independent pizza joint. The pizza was heavenly, and the mushy picture opportunities between Jim and Sophie were numberless.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend, and I'm honored to be graduating with this group of people, mature and sensible as we all are.
Or not...

Now I've got a stack of letter writing to be done and work to prepare for today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a reasonably Fancy Friday. 

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Brianne :) said...

I love that picture of "Jophie"! So sweet, and heartbreaking for someone who misses her man.

That pizza... is appetizing. Even at 9:30 am. *drool*

And as in most situations, one of the most beautiful attributes of our grad. class is its unsensibleness!

(I will be voting.) :D