February 3, 2011

In Which The Gypsy...Gypsies.

Dear readers of the world, and faithful blog followers (all twenty of you! Seriously, though- when did this happen? You've certainly made a girl feel special and happy with just a click of that button). I am here to bid adieu for the weekend. I'm going up to Cascade and McCall tomorrow- that great mountainous metropolis of Idaho- and the day after for some fun in the sun, Ice Festival fun.

I'll be tubing, burrowing, hooliganing, and wandering with the best of the best (meaning Brianne, Jim, and his wonderful girlfriend Sophie) as well as a group of fellow Seniors that I'm graduating with. It shall be fun and exhausting, but it will also be devoid of blogging. So I'm signing off now, and wishing you all a wonderful weekend as this gypsy wanders to new places.

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