February 18, 2011

Fancy Friday: Royal Fairytale

Welcome back to another Fancy Friday! Your choice for this week was (not, to my great disappointment and chagrin, Romola Garai. I was so hoping to do a post on her...) Prince William and his lovely fiancĂ©e, Kate Middleton! The entire relationship has a fairytale feel- Kate being the daughter of two middle class parents, previously flight attendants- and hasn't always been a bed of roses. The two met in college, and have since then pursued a relationship, broken up (due to Kate's feeling harassed by the media) and are now back together and royally engaged.

Prince Will has always been a dapper, princely stereotype- good looking, charming, and poised no matter what he's doing, be it lounging, playing polo, or golfing with the rich and famous. Kate, however, has an amazing sense of style and excellent taste in fashion, something for which she is now known for, and there is much speculation as to what the wedding dress will look like. The wedding is set for this coming April 29th, and the couple will, in the tradition of royal marriages, receive a dukedom and a happily ever after (we hope!) upon that occasion.

As you can see, Kate seldom looks anything but smashing, and I am inclined to like her in general, if only because she majored in Art History- one of my favorite subjects.

And I am hard pressed to dislike anyone who hangs out with sheep (the rumored source for wool and other yarn substances). So Prince William passes in my book as well.

 I sincerely hope for this couple's happiness, and am practically praying that their marriage doesn't fall through. However, it can be said here that this relationship is another kind of fairytale entirely than that of the famed Diana. This relationship has lasted many a year, taken turns for the worse, and Kate has had time to dwell on the well-known emotional ups and downs of this family. She has been the one stretching the relationship over many years, and has been given (and earned, might I say,) the nickname "Waity Katey". However, the firmer they are in their relationship, and the less she expects him to turn from frog to prince (or vice versa) after the wedding, the better. Let's raise our glasses to this very fancy couple, and wish them well as they build a pair of stairs to marriage.

Well, folks, that's all for now. I've somehow managed to procure a Friday off work, but instead of being fancy I plan on Spring-ish cleaning the entire kitchen.

Yes, I'm volunteering to clean the kitchen. Scrubbing out the refrigerator and freezer? Psh- piece of cake! Standing on a counter with a bucket of soapy water and a cloth to wash and dust ever knick-knack, blind, and cabinet? I live for it! Scrubbing the floor? That's my favourite! And let's not forget cleaning out, alphabetizing, and otherwise marshalling the larder into submission and shape! All in a day-off-work's work! At the end of the day, though, I hope to be exhausted, have a happy mother, a pot of chai (made from scratch) brewing on the stove, and a very clean kitchen. Cheerio, dears, and have a perfectly spiffy Fancy Friday! 


Brianne :) said...

I so very much love Fancy Friday. Kate and William look right together, and I very much appreciate the trueness of their relationship. She's a beauty, and I hope with all my heart that their wedding (and marriage!) is beautiful as well.

Also, concerning Prince William- Blonde hair and dimples are never a bad thing! ;)

Grace said...

I'm kinda excited. I wasn't around for Princess Di's wedding (they say it was like a fairytale), but I do remember watching her funeral. I certainly hope this marriage lasts longer than Di's!!

Not to mention that jawline...PHEW!