January 19, 2011

Why Do Bad Things Happen Only On The Days I Drink Coffee?

This is the question I asked myself this evening, when I (finally) got a chance to sit still and reflect, Nat King Cole smoothly crooning Blue And Sentimental in the background and a cup of hot tea in hand.
I've begun to notice a pattern: my worst days- the ones full of frustration, stress, and grief? Yes, those days- all seem, coincidentally, to be the days that I've either chosen to replace my standard tea-quaffing habits with a mug o' Joe, or added some (Well, more than "some") coffee to the list of beverages I've consumed for the day. Ironic? Probably. But somehow I can't help but think that the two are linked, are a perfect example of cause and effect. It's also a good example of a vicious cycle, because when I drink the coffee and things begin to get hectic, I drink more coffee to be able to keep up with it, which escalates the state of craziness. Of course, it all ends when I eventually (and inevitably) crash in a chair, but even then I'm cranky and short tempered.

But what would coffee have to do with how ridiculous my day is? It's not as if drinking the highly caffeinated cup of energy fixes the fate for the day, changes how things are going to be. Maybe it's because it changes how I react to things. Either way, after a day like today, I think I'm going to stick to my favorite teas- Chai, how I love thee!- in exchange for coffee and the quick rush of adrenalized energy associated with it. I will admit that two of the greatest joys in my life are a perfect cappuccino- the foam swirled elegantly on top cleverly disguising the bite that lies beneath- and a creamy cafĂ© au lait, rich and delicate with all the pleasant tones of coffee and milk exquisitely blended. I can have a cup of either without tripping up the rest of my day, but I'm afraid to think of what would happen were I to have two...

"Why so troubled?" You ask. "What's brought all this about?"

Let's just say it's been a long hard day.

One that involves one of my younger brothers- 15 years old- being in the hospital. It would appear that if one goes skiing and lands on their head, they will probably have a concussion, be admitted to the emergency room, and (after some tests and scans) discover some internal bleeding of the brain. That's all we know, at the moment, but prayers are greatly appreciated.

I never understand why God has things like this happen to us, but if there's one thing I've learned after years of many cups of coffee followed by hazardous mistakes, occurrences, and regrets, it's that you've got to trust him- absolutely and without question- no matter how horrible things seem to be getting. 

I really shouldn't have had that double latte this morning.

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