January 18, 2011

A Very Merry How Tues-Day To You

Good morning, blog-o-sphere! I hope that you are all in tip-top form today, (as I was surprised to discover myself after my third cup of highly caffeinated chai tea) and ready to do some bloggy crafting (and crafty blogging?). Today I am going to show you how to make my latest little project: a photo banner.

You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the pictures- my camera battery just died, and of the few snapshots I was able to get, only two or three were marginally presentable, even after extensive Picniking. It's not as if this project is either extremely difficult or requires example pictures for you to complete, so I think this should go over well without them. First off, what will you need?

Acrylic Craft Paint
Wooden Clothes Pins
Shoelace, rope, or other sturdy piece of string-like material (not yarn)
Push Pins

Note: any acrylic craft paint will work. Because I'm an artist and a bit of a snob, I generally just use Americana, because I love the overall texture and consistency. However, for this I'm pretty sure that the cheapest stuff out there will more than suffice.
Also, do not use yarn to hang the pictures on- it's got too much give and slack, and won't hold them up. I had a couple of those flat woven shoelaces lying around, and they have been perfect (they're also this spiffy shade of blue!).

Step One:
Paint the clothes pins.
Not too hard, 'innit?
Just squeeze out some paint, wet the brush, and go creative-crazy.
Designs, symbols, distressed appearance, solid- whatever you want. Be as crafty and clever as you possibly can.

Once paint is completely dry (note: if you use while still wet, they will get paint all over your photos, and that's no fun, now is it?), clip pictures to the shoelace (string stuff) from the bottom. If you clip them from the top, then they are too heavy and will flip over backwards- then all you'll be able to see is the photo's butt. Not cool, Mr. Photo, not cool.
That being done, stand on a sturdy stool (not a swivel desk chair, or you'll fall and bruise your shin and hip on the edge of your wooden desk, knocking over half your book collection in the process. Not that I know from experience, or anything.), and use the push pins to secure the string stuff (shoelaces) to the ceiling in a formation and length of your liking.

Voila! Now you have a fun way to display your photos without having to buy frames. Don't hesitate to hang other things from the string either, or attach fun things like hair clips and bows to the string itself- it's all about being creative, not conventional (although I assume that if conventional is your thing, you probably wouldn't even be reading this).

I'll be back a little later today to post a review on my newest knitting book, as well as pictures of the fabulous muffins (which are, quite technically, nudist cupcakes) I plan on making. Cheerio until then!


Bri said...

Yayyy I love posts like these! Good for you, Grace! :) And because I am exceptionally blessed with gypsy-drifter friends who spoil me, I already have the required artsy clothespins! ^_^ I do believe this project is going forth in my room, so you'll be hanging from my ceiling just like I'm hanging from yours. :D

PS: You better get on blogging about those muffins, sister! I have a confession to make... I do not remember ever having home-made muffins or home-made cupcakes. I know I've never made them, and Momma doesn't remember any. Is that bad? I think it's bad.

Grace said...

I think that my mind just exploded.
That is bad.
So very very bad.
Houston, we have a problem!!
*rings large siren*
I'm making them Saturday night or Sunday morning, and toting half the batch or more to church. You will partake of my fit-for-a-queen cuppycakeness, or will suffer the consequences if you refuse. *stoic glare*

How can you be one of my best friends and NOT have had a home-baked cupcake or muffin!?