January 29, 2011

A Truly Sweet Saturday or The Perfect Weekend

Hello dear readers! I am back, as promised, to present you a bit of my lovely weekend in.
I'm sitting at home. On my laptop.
Not at work.
What a strange, strange feeling indeed, for a Saturday.
I do love the tea room, my coworkers, and customers, and that is the absolute truth. However, the odd Saturday spent sleeping and relaxing, not waking early to walk and then run around all day, is such a wonderful treat. So I decided to fill today with all of my favorite things.
First and foremost are cupcakes.
I adore cupcakes.
No, "adore" is too weak a word for how much I love cupcakes. I love how they look, how they taste, how you can display them, what you can put into them, in short: everything about them.
This is me. (No, seriously, it is. That's me in my favorite shirt. I took the picture this morning before I got flour and buttercream all over it.)

Here are some lovely cupcake pictures I came across- none of them, sadly, are mine, but I'll put some in later. I love the decorative papers on some of them- I need to either create or buy some for myself, but I'm not taking my cupcakes anywhere to display them where the papers would be appreciated, and they'd just be a waste if used at home for the siblings.

                 What a clever way to keep your cupcakes cool! I would make ice cream cupcakes and display them like this.

Here is what I've been up to this morning- they are pumpkin chocolate and regular pumpkin cupcakes. I'm using tomorrow's church potluck as an excuse to create them, when in reality I'm just excited to be able to feed my friend Brianne her first home made cupcake. I'm quite honored to be the first benefactor, too.

Lots and lots of cupcakes. Big and baby sized! I'll be frosting them later, but for now they're just sitting around, completely naked.


Here are some of my favorite past endeavors.

                                                                                     Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes

                                                                   Lime Meringue with Key Lime Filling Cupcakes

                         Chocolate Chai Cupcakes with a Rooibos Chai Buttercream Frosting (which was, by the way, divine)

And, of course, I wouldn't be a queen if I didn't have a crown!

My plans for the rest of the day are just as self indulgent as the cupcakes currently cooling upon the counter. I'm going to make some stationary, write and send some letters- purely for the sake of good old fashioned correspondence! It makes me feel elegant.- read some Charles Dickens, dance, knit, and then a Bunco party with my mother and some friends tonight. There will also be a silent auction and lots of laughs, so I look forward to this greatly. I may even curl my hair (it is a girl's night out, after all!) In the mean time, I need to go frost some cupcakes.

I hope you all have a splendid day, and that you are able to do the things that make you happy, and honor God as well. Toodle pip!


Bri said...


I love the owls, o' COURSE, the elegantly-papered ones, and the cuppies with FACES on 'em!! Super adorable! I never knew how intricate of an art that cupcake-baking could be. Beautiful!

Your cupcakes look *tastiest* though... key lime filling, cheesecakiness, and CHAI! All very good attributes to a cup-shaped dessert. ^_^

Where did you get your sparkly tiara?!

Grace said...

I was thinking about postponing this post until Tuesday- Tasty Tuesday- but that might be taking the alliteration thing a bit far...

And it came from Hobby Lobby- they have a great bridal section, and I bought it specifically with being a cupcake queen in mind. >.<

Blondie said...

OMG I am a cupcake fanatic! I would die to try any of these!!!! These are gorgeous! Kori xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the cupcakes with the spiral toppers with bows. Where did you find the spiral topper/pick I can't find them anywhere?