January 9, 2011

In Which I Accept Another Challenge and Feel Old.

Hello dear readers! I'm here to make good on my promise to post some of my senior shots (which turned out just peachy, if you care to know) and tell you about the latest and greatest challenge I have accepted.
Yes, yes, yes, I know- another one? After that photo failure of yours? (I prefer the term "honorable withdrawal"). This one is quite a bit different, however. A horse of a different color. In fact, compared to the last one, this is an entirely different animal. But first, the pictures.

Let me just say how glad I am that I decided last March to grow my hair out- I like it infinitely better in the photos than I ever would have a shorter 'do. Not to mention the fact that it kept me warm- it was approximately fifteen degrees or less at the time of the shoot, and I had my coat off for a number of the shots.  All photo and editing credits go to the delightful Savannah Tally, who is scads of fun, quite professional, and very talented.

Now- the challenge!
In a recent post, I told you all about my newest favorite blogger extraordinaire, Tif AKA Dottie Angel. Whilst perusing her blog, I came across this button on her side bar.

Dottie Angel? Challenge? Of the utmost kind? I clicked away in eager anticipation, for I was already intrigued (and was, admittedly, hoping to find out where she got those boots). I was led to this (if you can read the small print).

I knew without a second thought that this was a challenge I absolutely had to accept.

In the end, I did give it a little extra thought, and started, unofficially, on January first. The perfect way to ring in the new year, if I do say so myself. To tell the truth, though, this is hardly too much of a challenge- I already love to buy thrift and handmade if at all possible, and my budget stipulates that I most nearly always must (although I have been known to splurge here and there. Hey- don't give me that look! You try saying "no" to a leather-bound copy of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables!). However, I am now quite restricted.

I'm still going to have far too much fun.

I will say that this does not limit my book and crafting supply intake. As it is nearly impossible to find just the things one needs to make a handmade item, especially when following a pattern, or that one title that you really want in your personal library, I think you, dear reader, will concur that there is simply no way around going store-bought for these things. I should be rather well-off, though, as I get good deals at the local Hobby Lobby (I qualify for my mum's employee discount!), and I'm going to try and restrain myself from actually buying books and spend more time in the library. Honestly, though- they let you take books for free, and then let you keep them until they have to beg you via phone and repeated email messages to give them back. Who wouldn't love that?! I also practically live at my local library as it is, so I will go out of my way to obtain the books I want and need far less than I would were I to buy them.

Well, it's getting late, and for once I'm finishing and posting before midnight! I really ought to try writing during the day sometime- who knows? I may actually end up making sense if I do! (We wouldn't want that, now would we?)

I've such a busy week ahead of me, but I'm quite excited for all that it claims to hold. All these shiny plans and   the crazy preparations that go into pulling them together are just what I need at the moment. I'm also finally going to get around to driving this week. It's about time that I learned, and it will widen the scope for my gypsying adventures quite considerably- I can only walk all around Meridian so many times without going completely batty. Good night, blog world- I'll try and pop in again sometime this week!


Jamie said...

Your pictures came out so beautifully, and you are so pretty! I love your hair color. Is it natural? It's definitely a chocolate haha.

Cute blog, following you.

Grace said...

Thank you! I'm quite pleased with Savannah's work, especially because I felt like such a frump that day and it's hardly noticeable. It IS my real hair color- I don't know that I could ever dye it, unless going for something extremely interesting and strange (mayhaps a silver streak or two?).
Thank you for the follow! It's exciting to know that my little ramblings have reached beyond my circle of friends and acquaintances. You just made my day. :')

Bri said...

Honorable withdrawal is a much better term, agreed. :) Your newest really is an awesome challenge; I love it.

I LOVE YOUR SENIOR PICS. I'm planning on painting a frame for the print you gave me. :D YOU ARE NEVER A FRUMP, you redonkulous kid. x)

Still love the silver streak idea, too.