January 11, 2011

In Which The Gypsy Is A Follower

Good morning, all you be-spotted blogging blogspotters (and live-journalers, and word-pressers, and tumblers, and random people with nothing to do who have stumbled across this, my page, whilst trolling the internet)! It is Tuesday (in case you didn't know) and I am as busy a bee as could possibly be imagined. Why, if I am so busy, you ask, am I on here blogging? I will let you know, little Mr/Miss impudence, that I am on a chai break (Numi's Golden Chai, to be exact. Not my favorite, but it's certainly not icky either), and have paused my reading to do some writing. And hiccuping. I have a terrible case of at the moment- I sound like a laryngitic duck being strangled.

I don't believe I mentioned in my last post the fact that I am resolved to stay off of Facebook this week. Yes, I know, how like a teenager to have to even consider such a thing a challenge to be resolved for. You misunderstand me, though. I do not find it challenging in the least, and I have only resolved to because I find I can waste an astronomical amount of time on there without even meaning to. I log on, I go through my notifications, I follow some threads, and next thing I know an hour has passed. An hour in which I've done little more than stare, drooling, at my screen, as a huge pile of work, and studying, and crafting, and reading, and world domination plans piles up in the background. And I wonder why the doctor has told me I'm too stressed. So, I decided, if Facebook is what is distracting me from getting my work done, and the ever growing pile of work is what is causing me to stress, and that stress causing my body and health to short circuit and go haywire, then I'll simply try going without Facebook while I try to get some work done.

It's working so far.

I've already updated my Etsy shop, finished my Econ class (for the rest of my life! I'm ecstatic!), gotten ahead on my remaining two classes, studied for my driver's permit (test is tomorrow. I'm scared.), begun to study music history and basic stage acting skills, had time to both have a daily devotional and walk five miles, created a new budget plan, be quite crafty and artsy, read some poetry, drink my tea, and blog.

I think it's safe to say the Facebook is very time consuming. I also threw out my box of U- Procrastinate (the one that's been laying around my room for the past couple of years? Yeah, that one. It went out with the recycling yesterday morning. Very traumatizing stuff. If you've been thinking about getting rid of yours as well, contact me and we can start a support group of some sort.).

I want to, at this time, offer up a big (very big. Huge big) thanks to any and all of my followers. In the past few days I've gone from having five or six people, all of which I know personally, to about nine or ten. The new additions (you know who you are!) are all practically strangers, and this is something I find exciting and wonderful. It means I have new friends to meet and get to know. Thank you, new followers- you have truly made my day (I'd give you one of my wonderful cupcakes, but you all live too far away. I may end up sending  you a secret recipe to compensate).

On that note, I officially announce today as...Follow Tuesday! (Who needs alliteration?!)

I shall now give you a list of people, things, musicians, blogs, and books that you should definitely follow and/or look into. I also feel a little soapbox episode coming on (the portion of our show where Grace gets on her soapbox, and rants a bit). Be ye warned.

Alrighty. Our first category for Follow Tuesday is:

Roaring Design 
 Theresa Rohrer, that fabulous lady, is the creator and delightful personality behind this blog. One of the first blogs I ever followed, I found her one day when I was googling the proper use of hat-pins. I am always excited whenever I find that she has a new post up, and can't wait for a new one.

There We Be
On of my closest and best of friends, Brianne Danae Long is quite talented in the photo-editing (as well as photo-capturing) area. She not only has the skills to make any photo fun or interesting, but is able to effortlessly capture or create the mood the picture either originally portrayed, or that she wants it to exemplify.  She doesn't work professionally, nor does she have plans to- in fact, her blog is probably the only place she posts the pictures- but she is a true artist.

Blonde Episodes
Sometimes it's okay to be a little blonde. "Blondie" is just another excellent example of this fact. I love her light hearted posts as well as her fun taste in fashion. She is a definite "must follow".

Dottie Angel
Anyone who's read my recent posts knows about my new favorite and pet blog- Dottie Angel. There really is no beating Tif and her lovely designs, colors, and ramblings. She has an Etsy shop that is just as wonderful, but I'll post a link on that in a little bit.

Six One Seven
This is the first blog I ever followed, and actually the one that induced me to create a blog myself. I read an interview with Parikha Solanki Mehta in a copy of a Knit.1 magazine I bought a couple years ago, and noticed that she had a blog. The rest, as they say, is history.

Cupcakes And Corsets.
The name says it all. I don't think I could imagine a better place for a cupcake queen, such as myself, to spend her time on cup-cakey days, as today may very well turn out to be.

That is all for now- I list most all of the blogs that I follow (technically it could be called "stalk", but I try to exercise self control, I really do!), and I encourage all of you to go through them and enjoy all of the artsy, wordy, wonder that they are.

Now for my next favorite category! Websites and Etsy shops! I'll just list them all here and let you go through and enjoy them for yourself. I'm afraid after reading my descriptions of things, your entire day could be quite spoilt.

http://www.ravelry.com/ (For knitters)
http://www.etsy.com/shop/dottieangel (Dottie Angel's Shop)
http://www.etsy.com/shop/themissfit (My shop! Please visit! Oh pretty pretty please!)

This could be both very long and very hazardous- I love music with an unparalleled passion, and have quite the collection that I am forever trying to share with others.

Michelle Doolittle.
Good luck following or even finding her. This is my sister, who has just graduated Cal State Fullerton this past Spring with a Bachelor's in Voice and Opera. She is magnanimous- something to which all of her teachers and professors openly attest. She's been helping me a bit with advice as I begin my journey into the vocal stage world (think Jedi-Padawan advice). I'm so very proud of her.

Patty Griffin.
Amazing, twangy, and oh-so-very country/folk.

The Innocence Mission
A Christian based folk group whose soft acoustics and beautiful lyrics are indescribably beautiful. Listen to Lakes of Canada.

Coeur De Pirate
Translated as "Pirate Heart" this woman is a French artist with both vocal quality and a knack for piano composition.

Allie Moss
Currently touring with Ingrid Michaelson as a backup singer, Allie is a blend of good instrumentation, heartfelt lyrics, and honest voice.

Mindy Smith
This woman can harmonize.

Fiona Apple
Many have heard her name floating around (let's face it- it's hard to forget), but have never actually listened to her. I love her classic-cum-modern voice, piano arrangements, and wonderful, straightforward, indie-pop style.

The Shins
They need no introduction, they are simply a band of "awesome".

Melody Gardot
She's probably about fifty to sixty years behind- her voice and music are a window to an age when women could actually sing.

Jeremy Messersmith
The Reluctant Graveyard is an album I often play on repeat.

The Weepies
I have at least one of their songs on every playlist I make, and I their album Hideaway got me through one of the toughest years I have ever known. They sing the things I so often feel, and they don't necessarily sugarcoat it.

Ingrid Michaelson
She takes things and feelings you wouldn't comprehend unless you felt them, and turns them into lyrics everyone can believe and understand. She must be a translator of the heart.

The lead singer from the Icelandic band Sigur Ros, Jonsi is all falsetto, fantastic tunes, poor English, and pure delight. A must hear.

Alexi Murdoch
Can I please marry this man? His voice, his lyrics, his softly strummed acoustic guitar- all pure, blessed beauty.

Mates Of State
I don't know too much about them, but I do know that they're song Only Offer is a constant favorite of mine.

Rosi Golan

My last category for the day, and quite an important one. I do believe that books are one of the most important things out there. God even decided to impart all of the things he wished for us to know in book form (well, it's not as if there was a whole lot more he could impart it as...). Here is a very short list of some of the books and authors I've been enjoying recently.

Libba Bray
Probably one of the funniest people currently living, her A Great And Terrible Beauty Trilogy is pure addicting, literary greatness, and Going Bovine (last year's Printz winner) ranks right next to The Catcher In The Rye.

Joan Bauer
I came across her when a friend had me read Backwater, and I have unashamedly devoured most all of her other stories. I am simply moved by Hope Was Here, and have purchased a copy of Rules Of The Road without even reading it first (a big deal for me).

Diana Wynne Jones
Best known for Howl's Moving Castle, this YA fantasy writer is equipped with some pretty spectacular ideas, and has written many excellent novels. I particularly favor The Chrestomanci Chronicles.

The Brontë Sisters
I absolutely love Villette and Jane Eyre (by Charlotte), and Wuthering Heights (by Emily). Whenever I read their books I find that I always want to wrap myself in a shawl and go wandering about the misty moors, gradually going insane by the smallest degrees.

Lewis Carroll
Because for all the people who know the story of Alice, very few have read it. And for the many who have read it, very few have further investigated his complete works, all of which are wonderful.

E.E. Cummings
This man's poetry is like no other, and it never leaves one feeling bored or boring.

Emily Dickinson
I didn't used to like her as much as I now do, but there's something about a half-crazy, recluse woman hiding away in a large house and writing poetry that intrigues me. Hope Is The Thing With Feathers is my favorite poem in the entire world.

Elizabeth Gaskell
I can never decide which is better: Wives and Daughters or Cranford.

Well, there you have it! Now, go follow! In the mean time, I will resume my work load (my hiccups have headed for the hills at last), and maybe, if there is time, go for a walk. I do hope it snows again this week, but more than that light dusting we had yesterday. Have a fabulous Follow Tuesday!


Theresa Rohrer said...

Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it!

Grace said...

Certainly! :)

Bri said...

I had a killer case o' hiccups this week... Only mine are the LOUDEST I've ever heard of. O.o Hope yours vanished like *snaps fingers* That!

I find it hilarious and great that you actually are a teenager but detest all things telling of teen-hood. x)

Good luck on the driving test! It's a breeze. (Yay for a breeze!)

Congrats on the new followers, and YAY for FOLLOW TUESDAY! Love it! I'm going to have to do a lot of 'follow-button'-ing tonight...I learned a lot from this post, and thanks for including me. <3

OF COURSE I visit your shop!! I would like to buy all of your products, too. Alas for joblessness. :P I also *love* wherethelovelythingsare... that's been a fave since you posted a link on Chiini's wall!

Wow. Long post, long comment. I'm lovin' it. About your music mentions, I have to say that I love every single thing you said there with the exception of Patty Griffin (a little too twang for me. I'm bad that way. :P), Mindy Smith, and The Shins (those latter two because I somehow haven't looked them up yet... I'm crazy. I'm doing it now! O.o

Finally, I must say that about half of the authors you mentioned are unfamiliar to me... I'm about to start two different Joan Bauer books now though.

The plate is full. And that's very very good.

Grace said...

I drank a few mugs of chai and they went away, but they kept recurring throughout the day (WOW that rhymed!).

Are you saying I personally try to detest things of teenhood, or that I'm just that way. I honestly don't mind either- there's a severe lack of literacy and style in today's teenage culture. I would love to go back 50-100 years ago and live then. *sigh*

Patty Griffin is pretty darn twangy, I will admit. And I put some music in your dropbox, so go listen! :D