January 12, 2011

In Which The Gypsy Earns Her Stripes

Today is the day! In about a half an hour I leave for work, and in about five hours I leave for my driver's permit test. At nearly eighteen years old, I know I'm a bit behind on the game (something that is not my fault, and was a bit of a touchy subject for a while- I have since come to terms with it though), but I plan to finally take the last big step before I'm really truly "all growed up", and learn to operate a vehicle.

First, let me assure you that it will look nothing like this. (I don't wear lipstick, silly, I'm all about the lip gloss. And my mobile is white). I plan to be both extremely sensible and far to frightened to even begin to be comfortable enough to apply makeup in the car. Besides- my driver's manual says that one should never apply lipstick (or shave?) whilst driving. And I plan to follow the rules.
At least for now.

However, I'm almost certain that, if I do pass the test and somehow end up getting licensed, I'll end up like this in just a few short weeks at most.

Hooray for optimism!
Of course, there is still the question of what car I shall drive. For now, I'll be operating the family Windstar Minivan. His name is Elvis, and he's a trusty old soul. In my heart of hearts, though, I'll never be satisfied until I own the car of my dreams- a bright yellow 1973 vintage VW Super Beetle (The same car, ironically enough, that my parents drove on their first date together).

I'm not too picky about the colour- this dapper blue would suit just as well.

Well, it's time to get ready for the long day ahead, and cram more studying whenever possible. I'll be back later tonight or early tomorrow to tell you all how it went, and whether or not I'll be wreaking havoc and gypsying about on the streets of Idaho. Wish me luck! (No, seriously- I could use all of the luck and prayer in the world right now.)

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Bri said...

I prayed! And you should get the blue and I should get the yellow... we could be matchy-matchy in a non-annoying way! :D YAY!