January 3, 2011

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

We have seen it all. The sweetness of Spring, an eventful Summer of memories, a rich and colorful Fall, and festive and cozy holiday season. All have been leading up to this day, this moment, of expiration and renewal. The old year has crawled out, weary, and the new year has jauntily taken up its place.

Or something along those lines.

Having been either asleep or nearly unconscious for the greater part of the day, I haven't had a chance to speak to many people. However, of the few who rested on the topic, I found a sense of either regret or accomplishment, all for the things of what is, today, last year. They all either felt they hadn't gotten anything done, wished they had done things differently, were moderately proud of the things they did and learned, or were so confused by how quickly it all had happened that they have yet to regain their footing. It wasn't until about an hour ago that I realized something: the entire first day of a new year is usually spent looking back to the past. Very little thought is put forward to the future but to make some resolutions that, face it, you usually end up forgetting by January 12, and even these are hardly forward thinking.

I'm not trying to say resolutions are bad- indeed I am not. I find them admirable, if the resolver can actually perform the resolution until it is resolved. But this is by no means looking ahead, and you must admit that staying glued to what has happened is never a good way to start the new year off right. We ought to be able to let go of what has happened, leave it in God's hands, and hope and pray that we have learned the lesson so that we might succeed next time. I feel quite hypocritical saying this, for I have always either been haunted by or thoroughly stuck in the past.

So, I will now resolve to lose 1,000 pounds, stop smoking before I start, and eat nothing but organic, unprocessed iceberg lettuce for the next year.

Happy new year, all, and keep moving forward.


Christina said...

That is amazing, many people would be afraid to face the fact that we do start off the year dwelling at the past. Thanks for the thought. :)

Grace said...

Certainly! Never be afraid to look ahead! :)

Bri said...

AHHHem. I LOVE THE CLOCKS!! I love most clocks, but those were especially lovely.

I just realized that I honestly hate the concept behind clocks. But hey, they's preety. :)

Bri said...

Ps: You are going to have a really unproductive year when it comes to cupcakes... even you, the Queen of Cakery, would be unable to make something delectable of iceberg lettuce. *Hmfph*