January 21, 2011

Fancy Friday

First of all, an update on my brother (the one I mentioned in my last blog post that nearly scared the wits out of many of the acquaintances who read my last entry- I got many worried phone calls and texts.): he was released from the hospital that night, after the neuro surgeon decided that the internal bleeding was equivalent to having a bruise, he was able to answer questions cognitively, and was starving. (Apparently, if you have a concussion but are able to think about your stomach, it's considered a good sign. Quite honestly, I don't think my fifteen year old brother ever stops thinking about his stomach, but it's good to have him back to normal none-the-less). Despite large gaps in his memory, we seem to have Sir William back in one piece.

Now, on to the real topic of the day: Fancy Friday. (I'm giving in to my alliterative urges to day, and probably hopping onto some huge bandwagon that I don't know about- I'd like to think that the "Fancy" part was my idea though, so don't spoil it!)

Fancy Friday will be, from here on out, a weekly post dedicated to something beautiful and truly fancy. There's been a contest in my mind as to who today's fancy topic should be, and I've finally settled on Kirsten Dunst.

Or, more specifically, Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, and the court of Versailles in general. Let's face it- there's no getting much fancier than this.

(This, by the way, is exactly what I feel like today- or at least what I wish I was doing)

Is she not the very epitome of style and pastry-like perfection? From the beautiful dresses, the gaudy accessories, and the towering wigs, these pictures make me want to jump back in time and join the Queen's court. If only.
I may not be the girliest of people, but anyone who knows me knows I love shoes. And I love shoes.
The picture at the bottom is a small detail Sophia Coppola snuck into one of the Marie Antoinette scenes- it's all the flair of a Versailles gown fitting event, with the cool look of Converse All-Stars lurking in the background.

So what will you do for Fancy Friday?
Whatever it is, be sure it's stylish, otherwise it doesn't quite qualify.
I'm off to work, once I finish a batch of French Macaroons (those little sandwich-type cookies in the first shoe picture), and since The Boss is at market in California, I will take this opportunity to wear my highest pair of heels- she gets nervous when I wear heels at work (is afraid I'll fall and break my neck) so I'm simply going to seize the opportunity to have my entire wardrobe available to choose from today. Cheerio, my lovely readers, and have a fabulous Fancy Friday.

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Bri said...

wow. She is *so* frivolously fancy... Can't wait to see what next Fancy Friday brings. :D