January 29, 2011

Cupcake Update

May I present (drumroll, please,) the finished project- the final cupcake result after a morning of baking and twirling.
Ta da!
Pumpkin chocolate and regular pumpkin cupcakes, both with cinnamon chai buttercream icing (I just love saying that!).

And they are so delicious too!

See you all on Monday!


Lindsay said...

WOW! Those look so fantastic! I bet they taste even better....where'd you get this recipe?

Bri said...

Guess whaaaaat... I'll be eating these in a few hours, Lord-Willing! :D :D :D

Grace said...

Thank you!
I got the recipe from my brain. I know saying this has overly impressed people in the past, so believe me when I say that inventing recipes is much easier than it sounds. I also tend to make things up either immediately before I start baking or as I go a long, so it's no written down anywhere. Which makes sharing recipes hard.

However, I CAN post the icing recipe. It's merely a basic buttercream icing with some cinnamon added, and I brewed chai tea in the milk I used. :)

Lindsay said...

I will have to try that frosting very, very soon! mmm

mamaforhim said...

You brought those to the food fellowship, didn't you?

I thought they looked familiar! I am glad I tasted the frosting before allowing 3yo to have one!!! He's allergic to cinnamon and we would have had a huge mess if I had allowed him to eat it!

So I ate his and it was delicious!