January 17, 2011

A Brief Update (And A Gypsy's Look Book)

Good even to you all, dear readers! I have come to claim the last brief minutes that are Today (and maybe a few lingering seconds of Tomorrow) to unburden my soul and tell my deepest secrets.


I almost had you there.

No, for some unknown reason, I have spent the last half an hour hunting for photos and putting together my very first "Look book" designed after my latest, favorite outfit. Although most of the pieces here are merely good replicas or examples of the things I own, I will say that the dress is the same one in my closet- a steal I found at Old Navy. ("Ah ha!" you say "you bought something that is neither second hand or handmade! You have failed the challenge! We have caught you!" Please be aware that I bought the dress before I began my challenge- New Year's Eve, actually- and everything else contributing to the outfit are items I've had for at least six months to a year.)

It's only a rough idea of the outfit I actually wear, and my pieces of jewelry are far better than the ones in the example. The necklace I have is one of my favorite parts- it's a strand of pearls with brass and gold charms dangling from it, and an adjoining shorter brass chain with a rocking horse charm attached. It's oh-so-vintagey and lots of fun to wear.

On that note, I think I had better call it a night and tell you (beg you *cough*) to be here tomorrow for my first ever "How Tues-day" blog post, inspired by the weekly posts on the Etsy Storque. I'll be showing you all how to complete my latest crafty bit, and I'm pretty excited (So excited that I'm staying up until midnight to talk about it!), so be sure to pop in tomorrow on your coffee break (and bring some acrylic paint). Ta ta until tomorrow!


Bri said...

LOVE it!! Since I have no Dottie Angel-ish promises made yet, I might still look for items similar to that dress at Old Navy. *impishness* Do they carry other colors/patterns, and how much was it? Also, the shoes and hat are beautiful. :)

Bri said...

PS: You should do more lookbooks, darlin'.

Grace said...

Thank you! It's my current favorite! I need to create more OUTFITS in general, then I'll think about more look books. :P

They have it in a solid green as well, and I was able to score it during a two day say when they were $20. They should be back on sale again soon, I should think Fair warning, though: it is low. I wear a downeast tank underneath mine. Also, I've been having minor troubles with the dress static-sticking to the tights, seeing as I don't have a short enough slip. The tights will be abandoned in the summer, but I'm afraid I can't do away with them in the present cold weather. :(