December 12, 2010

Days Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen or, Catching Up

I am behind. Again. I can offer up no excuses.
However, I do have some reasons why.
Being involved in a play and being employed during the busiest days of the year for a small Idaho tearoom do not seem to leave me any time for other things like, say, school work. And blogging. But I'm here to catch up, once again, and I'm quite impressed with myself for staying with it so well this far.
Here are the days I've missed and what I'm about to make up for.
Day 12. Something you love.
Day 13. Your favorite musician(s).
Day 14. Someone you can't imagine life without.

I find it amusing that I'm expected to list but one thing that I love. I love such a wide and vast variety of things, each more strange or random than the last, that I don't think I could ever pick just one. My affections are spread across an unimaginably wide map of things, and I often feel that I'm composed of a thousand pieces of love, all waiting to escape somehow. Here are but a few things of which I'm particularly fond.

In case you're wondering, this picture is representing both my love of travel as well as interest in old maps.

This is a good portion of my personal library. I always seem to have at least three books I'm lending out to a friend, and I don't think there's such a thing as "too many books". Just not enough space.

Ah, the old Aurora Borealis, or Norther Lights as they are more commonly known. I love the North- the cold, the mountains, everything about it- and I love this night sky. Why do I love this? I don't know, but I find it absolutely fascinating. I don't think there is a more spectacular display of color to be found anywhere in the entire earth. One of my highest goals in life is to someday sit out under these lights and attempt to paint them. Something tells me I'll spend more time drooling in a hypnotized state of awe than actually painting...

Now, as to my favorite musicians, I'm afraid that I cannot possibly list all of them, or even a small fraction. The list is endless (No, really, it is). Here are the ones I've been listening to the most in the past two days.

A Fine Frenzy (The lovely band leader, Alison Sudol, whose trademark red hair is no longer red. Go figure.).

Ingrid Michaelson, taken by myself at her performance in Boise this past October. (You don't know how amazing this women's concerts are until you've been to one. She's not just a musician- she's a performer.)
My favorite composer and musician ever, Claude Debussy. I listen to Clair de Lune at least once every day, and it's a confirmable fact that I would sell my very soul to go back in time and meet him.
Here is the lovely Michelle Doolittle (or Elizabeth Cliff, if she ever decides she needs a spiffy stage name)- the world's most talented opera singer and also my sister. I'm the unofficial head of her fan club (whether she knows it or not) and am more than willing (as in "I will bomb you with tracks) to share some of her music, should you like to hear her.

When it comes to deciding who I couldn't live without, I'm hard-put to choose from among a long line of wonderful friends and heros. However, today I feel that William Shakespeare- that handsome, balding, devilish King of the Sonnet- takes the cake.

Well, now that I'm finally caught up, I shall bid you all goodnight and leave today's post (as it is now past midnight) to be done after a few hours hibernation. Sleep well, dear readers, and don't let my crazy blog give you nightmares (Note: this is not an invitation to dream about Unicorns and rainbows either. Unicorns are dangerous, and I'm pretty sure that rainbow is not, in fact, composed of Skittles. Beware, readers, beware.).

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Trish Messmer said...

Love love love ingrid michaelson, a fine frenzy, and Florence and the machine, dying to go to any of their shows! Maybe it's the red hair lol they should do a tour together