December 2, 2010

Day Two (And Three and Four)

Argh! I'm already behind! I feel rather silly offering up excuses, but I will say that I was unexpectedly busy these past two days- t'would seem that playing in a foot of freshly fallen snow takes up a lot of time, as does twirling in the icy streets (and maybe going to work for a few hours in between). However, I shall make up for it by posting required pictures, and redoubling my efforts and zeal (HA!) for this little project challenge.
Which means I'll probably never get anything posted.

Day 2: A picture of myself and the person I am closest with.
I thought long and hard about this one, and finally decided that person I am closest with by far is only as close as my own heart and soul. This person is Vincent van Gogh. Why a dead, half-crazy, artist chap, you ask? Because of the painting Starry Starry Night (a work which, ironically enough, he absolutely hated). I can still remember the first time I saw this painting- I mean, really saw it. I was very young, but that changed nothing in how I was effected by it. It's a bit much to get into right now, but I can very well attribute the fact that I am an artist at all both to this man and this particular painting. I'm sorry I can't post one of myself with him, but I promise that I will when I someday stand in front of an actual painting of his (not just a poster-replica like the ones on my bedroom wall).

Day 3: A picture of the cast of your favorite telly show.

This one is easy. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Doctor. Or, rather, my two favorite faces out of the eleven different ones he has assumed over the years. Dr. Who is probably the greatest British telly series running, or that will ever run. Tom Baker (left) and David Tennant (right) are by far the greatest actors to ever have played the lead role. Don't know what this show is (it's okay, not a lot of Americans do)? Then Google it. I'm not going to do all the dirty work for you.

Day 4: A Picture of your night.
This one is much harder, seeing as I have no idea how to capture the multitude of emotions, feelings, and thoughts that are running through my head at this precise moment. However, I shall try.

This is a picture arm. In an existential, technical way, yes. But it's also the perfect sum of every question thrumming through my very being at this moment. For starters, have you ever read The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot? I thought not. This is one of the lines that catches me the most every time I read it (or repeat it- I have it memorized by now, but I do like to read it off the page anyway, just because I love the way the words look, and how the poetry is sprawled across the page a bit. One of the same reasons I enjoy EE Cummings). Do I dare? and Do I dare? There is so much to ponder in that simple question. The thought of challenging the entire universe is an idea I find both utterly frightening and absolutely necessary. There is so much I both adore and dislike -even loathe?- about this world, that to defy it would be at once a labor of love and an act of hateful rebellion. Sitting by and being comfortable in the same skin and thoughts, the same mere existence, as everyone else will never do. To conform is to bury the soul, to adhere would speak death to the heart. I will take beauty, art, and truth where others will only ask ease and ignorant wealth.

Well, at this rate I might as well upload tomorrow's photo too- it's an hour to midnight, and I almost feel like getting ahead of the game. However, I will make it my point to blog after my school and before I leave for work. Tomorrow evening will be spent getting into all sorts of mischievous antics at a youth group meeting. However, for now I feel the great need to read some Carroll or Kipling, and I will probably end up staying awake for the next three hours just to get some EE Cummings in there as well. Sleep well, blog world, and may you dream of beautiful things.

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