December 14, 2010

Day Sixteen or The Importance of Being Ridiculous

I've begun to notice a pattern in my blogging during this daily challenge (or game, or distraction, or whatever you want to call it). It seems that by the time I finally get around to uploading, writing, and posting the entry, it's already past midnight and time to start the next one. While this is a bit disgruntling and probably not the best way to establish good sleeping patterns, I've discovered that it has had little effect on my activities spent out and about during daylight hours, has actually improved my mischief-making capabilities and performance in the workplace (I remembered to mention the pumpkin soup and suggest the quiche today, as well as persuade everyone that spiced rooibos wins over Herbal in the debate of best caffeine-free chai teas. And of course I was wearing my favourite pair of heels). But, it would seem, it is not condusive to good health. I can feel a very nasty flu attempting to stage a coup (beginning with laying seize on my throat and voice-box). As I'm supposed to take part in a play this Saturday and Sunday (lead role, no understudy), I'm desperate to battle it.
However, as I sit here, once again, at a late hour, staring at my laptop screen, I find I must ponder my newest challenge.

Day 16
: A picture of someone who inspires you.

How does one go about picking the person who inspires them the most, post a picture of them, and then write up a (hopefully) brief explanation, without getting all teary and emotional?

Quite easily, I assure you.

Meet Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde. Also known as the most brilliant man to ever have twirled a cane and held a pen. (Really, it shouldn't surprise you in the least the I'm inspired by a dead guy. Most everyone worth being inspired by is long deceased, and the only people worth honoring are the ones that are in the dust stage of decomposition.) This chap wrote many great novels, short stories, essays, and poems in his life, but is rarely remembered for anything more than his The Picture of Dorian Gray and a handful of children's fairy tales. Besides leading a controversial life (for which he was sentenced to prison, where he wrote one of his greatest works, De Profundis), he was dedicated to Beauty and Art, and I don't think anyone will ever be quite his equal.

However, this fellow comes quite close (as you can see in the uncanny resemblances between the photos).
Meet Stephen Fry: Author, actor, comedian, dancersizer, and techy extraordinaire. He is also a Wildean fan, as well as a champion for Oscar's works and beliefs, not to mention extremely witty and delightfully cuddly.

He also has impeccable taste and flair. Let's face it: there aren't many men out there who can look so utterly stylish in a necktie such as this.

Haha! It is not yet midnight, so I do not at all feel the need to post tomorrow's entry yet. This is progress. I may need to take some cold medicine, or I'll be a mess for the production this weekend. Come rain, come shine, (come fever, come laryngitis,) the show must go on! *hack hack cough*

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Bri said...

Since I'm so far behind in my silly little comments, and since you probably won't see this one, it is going to be especially little and especially silly. Here it is:

Oscar Wilde's full name is epic.


The tie of Stephen Fry (who I am entirely unfamiliar with) is epic also. I could wear that happily.