December 7, 2010

Day Nine or Time After Time

Day 9: A picture of a person (or people) who have gotten you through some of the hardest things/always been there for you.
The fact that I'm limited to only two people is kind of cruel, but I do know the first two faces that come to mind.
This is a Grace Sterling.
No, that came out wrong.
This is The Grace Sterling.
Of all my best friends, and closest acquaintances, this is the one who never has and never would abandon me. We are not friends merely because our names are the same, but because we often feel like the same person (only she's a little more violent and far more amazing than I am). She was there to listen to me gripe and complain, weep, dream, talk about boys, and punch things, and I only hope that I can be half the person for her that she's been for me (or half the person in general).
And she probably won't kill me for posting this picture.

And then I have this awesome Brianne person (AKA Breezete Danyan Longero: Evil Avocado, Hooligan, Artist, Writer (her blog is, Gypsy, and all around Beauty). She has this awesome Ryan person (on the right).
Well, it's more like, "he has this awesome Brianne person as well", but that's just because Brianne is a very high level on the scale of Extraordinarily Fantastic. Brianne (who is probably going to find and read this later), is one of those really spiffy people you wish you had a hundred of, but are glad you don't because then the one wouldn't be quite as special as she is. I'm pretty sure she's had to listen to more silly twaddle about boys and life and ridiculous things from me than anyone should have to lend ear to in a lifetime, and the fact that she still hasn't deserted me completely is something I find curious and strange. It also makes me really happy.

Here is The Brianne nomming upon a flower.
All the best people have strange eating habits

For these I am truly thankful.


Bri said...

Although she IS the most violent Grace I know, that photograph of her is absolutely adorable and even she would have no murderous objections. x)

(I did find and read it, haha. Of course. I read everything you write eventually! :D And I have lots to say about this, too.)

Breezete Danyan Longero!!!! I LOVE IT! You are the Most Evil Avocado-ish Grace Person Evaaaa, Ryan is definitely the more awesome between the two of us, you should be ecstatic that there AREN'T a hundred of me because you would get a clogged blog, and I don't recall a lot of silly twaddle about 'boys' (note the plurality, wink!) but I do remember years of friendship that I value uber-highly.

PS: I'm never going to desert you. Get used to it and go eat a flower. ;) :D

Grace said...

See? SEE!?! This is an amazing Brianne! I rest my case. And my purse...

I don't think I'd mind my blog being clogged down, but there would be an awful lot of awesome people to keep track of. Besides, having it all wrapped up in one person makes for more spontaneous spurts of greater concentrations. And I don't have to share you with as many people. >:D

P.S. :'D
*stares uncertainly at daisy.

Bri said...

Aww. :D

PS: Do it. You know that daisy's tasty.

Bri said...

Ok, actually I've only eaten a rose petal and spinach salad once. Ryan and Hannah couldn't get me to bite the whatever-flower. x) But still, that's no reason not to eat the daisy. (I'll do it next opportunity I get. For sure.)