December 3, 2010

Day Five or, Disturbing The Dust On A Bowl of Rose Leaves

Day 5: A picture of a favorite memory.

Every year I visit Sardine Lake, a resort nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and every year I feel like I'm enjoying a slice of heaven. This place has always held sway over a great number of my happiest memories, but I think that my yearly hike to the top of the Sierra Buttes (a grueling five miles of nothing but steep uphill misery) is one of the best parts about the whole stay. Situated at the top of the mountain is a small, glass-like house, where a ranger used to live many years ago, keeping an eye out all summer for signs of forest fire. Doesn't sound daunting? Maybe I should mention the 150 plus rickety stairs to get to the house, and the sheer drop visible all around, not to mention some of the heaviest winds you may ever experience that constantly whirl every which way. Still, there is nothing so great as standing looking over the lakes, and not feeling as if you have conquered the mountain, but have made friends with it.

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Bri said...

I would like to say that it's unfair that I haven't ever seen this picture before. :P ;)

What a beautiful place! I see at least some of the reason why you pine for it (of course I can't see ALL of the reason without experiencing it Myself!). :)