December 13, 2010

Day Fifteen or Oh The Places You'll Go!

Day 15: A picture of something on your bucket list.

What's on my bucket list?
Perhaps a better question is, what is on every Gypsy's bucket list?
Traveling the world, of course!
But, unlike most bucket lists, which are more like wishful thinking lists, I fully intend to fulfill this dream. My greatest goal is to cross the world and paint what everyone merely passes by without truly seeing. Here are but a few of the many places I particularly wish to visit, and the things I'd most like to see.

New England

I am enchanted with everything about the East Coast. This coming from a West Coaster born and raised sounds a little strange, but I have my reasons. I love the history, the fact that it is where our country began. I love the seasons in the country, and the monuments in the city. It's all so beautiful. However, the place I want most to visit is Williamsburg Virginia. Yes, it's a tourist trap. Yes, it's a bit silly. But do you see what these people are wearing? I love to dress in period costume, so something tells me that this place would fit me like a lady's kid glove.


What can I say? I like the cold.

Canada: Montreal

I adore this town. I so yearn to sit in a small cafe on a street corner, admiring the bustle whilst sipping a Cafe au Lait and nibbling at a small, fresh, buttered baguette.


Simply because the gardens are to die for.

Italy: Rome

Dear Michelangelo, do you know how much I love you?


If I weren't so set on someday living in a small cottage in Ireland, I would definitely try for one of these.
It has that Evil Rich-Guy's Lair thing going on.

France: Paris

Well, and the Notre Dame Cathedral as well. I feel the need to enjoy that gothic appeal the Roman Catholic church is so famous for.

And the Eiffel Tower: the ultimate romantic symbol for nearly every woman, the reason for which both sexes are entirely unsure of, but neither are going to dispute it.

England: London

I have always wanted to paint Big Ben.

Hmm, I seem to have somehow lost the photos of Ireland that I uploaded, and it's getting too late to even care about at the moment. I will say, for sake of clarification, that of all the places in the world, I would rather set up shop (or studio as the case may be) in Ireland than anywhere else. I have been drawn to that place for so long, that I can't even remember when I gave up trying to understand why.

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