November 9, 2010

Feels Like The End

Who do you turn to when the one you love is no longer the one you hold?
What do you do when you're facing the end?
Where do you run when you have no where to go?
When do you decide that you can finally breathe again and move on?
How do you cope when you can't see or feel past the current moment?

These are the thoughts and feelings that are running through my head right now. I'm not sure where to turn at a time like this- friends? Family? Art?


The same being I'm being told I could blame for my current situation.

How can I blame the creator of the world for anything, when he is the very reason I'm even here? How presumptuous! I can only assume that there is a better plan for me, and move on from the one I thought I was in. It won't be easy. In fact, I can already tell that it's going to be hell. But I won't spend my time sitting on my wings and crying, when I could be up and flying.

I walked into the middle of a field today, and stood under the expansive shade of a giant oak tree. I leaned up against its solid trunk, strong and sure, and felt the smooth pulse of the incredible energy running through a hundred thousand veins, giving life to the red and gold leaves adorning his head. This tree has more strength than I do, and it can't even move from the place in which it stands.
I leaned over, picked up one of the many small acorns scattered at my feet, and held an entire world in my hand.

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Bri said...

You have a beautiful way of thinking. :')