November 29, 2010

Day One, or The Gypsy.

Fifteen Fun Facts About The Gyspy.
1. Hello. I'm me. *shakes hands* Nice to meet You.
2. I'm a wanderer by nature and an artist by heart.
3. I love Winter, snow, and ice (but loathe chicken soup and rice), and I would take the fog and rain over sunny days.
4. I'm number four of eight children- being in the middle has granted me a sense of invisibility in my family, which affords me more room for mischief.
5. I'm excellent friends with the Cheshire cat, and on good terms with Mad Hatter and March Hare.
6. I read. Lots. Lots of lots. And drink tea whilst reading (I've come to start pairing books and teas in much the same way people pair food and wine).
7. I grew up in Northern California, right by the beach, but I've since relocated to Idaho. This will soon change.
8. I have wanted to be everything from a robot to a veterinarian, to an artist, to an astronaut. It varies.
9. I adore beautiful things, collect them the way crows snatch shiny objects off of windowsills.
10. I'm 5'5" and my general appendages ( arms, legs, feet, fingers, etc) are the reason some in my family refer to me as "stubs/ stubby".
11. I want to travel the world, someday, and paint the things my heart sees.
12. I'm a born-again, Bible believing Christian.
13. I watch far too much British television.
14. In my own little world I'm a famous pastry chef with a never-ending cheese supply.
15. I knit the way normal people breathe- all the time and sometimes like it's the only thing that's keeping me alive.


Bri said...

Being an astronaut would be lovely. :) What's your specific aspiration at the moment?

You aren't even close to stubby, haha. x)

And... Grrrrrace!! You missed yesterday, DIDN'T YOU!!! >:/


Bri said...


Grace said...

Gypsy Artist, of course! Anything that keeps me actively pursuing beauty is enough to keep me happy, especially if I get to travel around in the process of pursuing it.

And yes, much shame is heaped upon me!