November 29, 2010

Accepting A Challenge or In Which The Gypsy Takes Some Pictures

While browsing through some photos on Facebook recently, I found a friend's photo album that is currently a work in progress for an idea that I find rather intriguing and fun. It's a thirty day photo "challenge" following a set of guidelines or rules, and I decided, after brief pondering, that I would accept the challenge myself, and adapt it for my blog. It's nothing too fancy, and I have tailored some of the rules to make it more fun and a little more challenging. It goes as follows: for the next thirty days, I shall post 1-2 pictures each day to fit the following criteria.

1. A picture of yourself with fifteen facts about you.
2. Pictures of you and the person you are closest with; one at the early stages of friendship and one current.
3. A picture of the cast from your favorite show(s).
4. A picture of your night (needs to be descriptive of the activities and atmosphere).
5. A picture of your favorite memory.
6. Pictures of someone you would love to trade places with for a day, and someone you would not.
7. A picture of your most treasured item.
8. A picture that makes you laugh.
9. A picture of the person (people- can't be more than two), who has gotten you through the most/been there for you.
10. A picture of you and the person you do the strangest things with (this includes the most mischief as well).
11. Something you loathe.
12. Something you love.
13. Your favorite musician(s).
14. Someone you can't imagine life without.
15. Something on your bucket list.
16. Someone who inspires you (can be famous).
17. Something/someone who has had a huge impact on your life recently.
18. Your biggest insecurity or something you feel self conscious about.
19. Your favorite Disney movie (preferably something with you watching it/involved in activity about it i.e. a themed birthday party).
20. Somewhere you'd love to travel to and live.
21. Something you wish you could forget.
22. Something you are going to work to become better at.
23. Your favorite books(s)
24. Something you wish you could, but is out of your power to, change.
25. Something of your day (same particulars as #4).
26. Something that means an indescribable amount to you.
27. You and your favorite family member.
28. Something/someone you fear.
29. A picture that always makes you smile.
30. Someone you miss.
There can be no more than three photos per day, and photo editing is allowed, although raw shots are encouraged (we all know I'm going to edit these pictures to the point of absurdity. I can't help it!). A brief explanation and/or description about the photo is required as well.
Doesn't that sound fun?! I plan on starting today, but I will begin another post as this one is already long enough.


Bri said...

Yayy! This is awesome. I will be checking in on you EVERY DAY to make sure you're following through. ;) This is exciting. :D

Anonymous said...

Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Somtimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information.