October 2, 2010

Your Everyday Neighborhood Fairytale

This is one corner of my favorite garden in all of the neighborhoods surrounding my home. On the particular day that I took this (rather poor) snapshot, there weren't as many flowers in bloom and small, curious items strewn about, so you must understand that I have my reasons for loving this garden so, although you cannot see many of them, and it is mainly because of the two deer standing guard outside the house, watching over the garden, and absolutely dripping in mystery. The male, proud and defiant, stands over his mate who, in turn, is forever bending her graceful neck to nibble at the leaves of grass near her hooves. Many passersby furrow their brows in consternation at the strange garden, decked as it is with wildflowers arranged in sweet disarray as well as various figurines and curious objects- however, it is the obvious centerpiece that causes the most confusion. My pet belief, or game, I should say, is that these two magnificent beasts are locked in a spell- of course!- and can only come alive and move at midnight, on the night of the harvest moon, once every year. Until then, they await the arrival of some auspicious person to free them from their spell. It's very exciting stuff, you know.

The house itself is a curious thing. Its wide, Bay window is hung with long silk drapes that are vaguely Turkish or Persian in origin, and I can catch glances of a finely decorated living room and a large, gilded mirror that reflects the light on bright afternoons. The front veranda has a multitude of items on it, including a sort of couch, some statues and figurines, lamps, tables, and a strange, brassy bench carved to look like a divan carried by two ferocious wild boar.

Needless to say, the owners must be fascinating people and I'm absolutely dying to make their acquaintance.

But this brings me to the strangest mystery of all- besides the occasional shadowy movement through the windows, I have never seen any sign of the owners and cultivators. Even the cars hardly ever leave. I've come to suppose they are some sort of night creatures (no, not vampires, and I don't have anything even remotely Twilight in mind), and move around as such. I walk by the house so often and at such varied times of the day that I've exhausted any excuses schedule-wise, so there must be mischief occurring in the night hours. All my other deductions aren't much better, and consist mostly of Boo Radley theories and Sleeping-Beauty-Enchanted-Castle ideas.

Don't you just wish you had me for your inquisitive, snoopy neighbor? ;)