September 30, 2010

Morning Glory

Even in the Fall, a season of recession and sleep, there can be found flowers and life.
Even in the everyday and mundane things there can be found beauty and uncommon splendor.
Even in the hardest of times, when there is nothing but tears and pain, there can be found comfort and joy.
Even in times of turmoil there can be found solitude and peace.
You have to be willing to do more than just look.
You have to be willing to see.


Bri said...

I think I need to open my eyes more. Like I said in my last comment, I tend to use my other senses more during this time of year... But I believe I am missing a miserable amount of beauty.

Grace said...

Never missing it, just enjoying other forms of it.
It is silly indeed to think that beauty is limited only to sight.