September 30, 2010

Morning Glory

Even in the Fall, a season of recession and sleep, there can be found flowers and life.
Even in the everyday and mundane things there can be found beauty and uncommon splendor.
Even in the hardest of times, when there is nothing but tears and pain, there can be found comfort and joy.
Even in times of turmoil there can be found solitude and peace.
You have to be willing to do more than just look.
You have to be willing to see.

September 29, 2010

Falling In Love

Hello blogging world!

No, I didn't die- I merely ceased to exist for a while.

Due to a series of incidents, the leading one being the hard drive failure of my laptop, I have been unable to do any blogging and hardly any writing for some time now. But I am back, and, reader, fear not! I shall once again proceed to both entertain and bore you to the best of my ability.

Now. Back on subject.

The world is turning, the seasons changing, the time slipping, once again. The balmy and luxurious days of Summer are past, and we are entering the age of Fall; when the long, icy fingers of Cold slowly gain hold of our mornings and nights, when we focus on studies rather than sleep during the day, and when the great Orange and Gold reigns as King of The Trees. I am a senior this year (yes, I'm shocked as well), and between my job, my school, and graduation plans, I'm amazed that I can find time for life as well. However, as an artist, I refuse to merely exist inside of my monotonous schedule, and am taking time to observe and revel in all that this, my favorite of seasons, has to offer.

This is what I fondly refer to as "The Magic Pathway", and is my favorite route to gypsy down daily. It's a very long walkway that stretches throughout a few of the subdivisions in my neighborhood, and affords a lovely walk and view no matter what the season. I love looking into the gardens I pass- I'm rather frightened by how perfect they all are. Everyone in the neighborhood must be avid gardeners.

I came across this tree today: I love the blend of red and green leaves, like it hasn't quite decided what it wants to be when it grows up. :)

And then, of course, there are the usual activities and things associated with Fall and colder weather. My favorites are cookies, tea, and books.

On a side note, that chai is probably the greatest tea I've had in a while, which is double surprising since it is bagged (Note: Grace is a tea snob. She works in loose-leaf tea shop, and lives in a loose-leaf tea world). It's called Zhena's Gypsy Tea , and my favorite flavor thus far is the above Coconut Chai. However, I'm going to embark on an adventure to the supermarket today to get more in every available flavor. The fact that I went through all 22 sachets in a week is testament to its greatness, and proof that it's probably laced with crack or some addicting substance. Also, my latest literary obsession is John Donne. Eliot and Emerson are old standbys in my poetry and essay armory, but Donne may be fast eclipsing them (Emerson, at least. Eliot is surpassed only by Oscar Wilde). My favorite poem is The Sunne Rising (If the Old English is too hard for you to digest, you can find a copy with modern spelling here).
I'm going through my mental list of things I wanted to post today, but, per usual, am drawing a blank (I need to make a hard copy of this "to-be-posted" list for the sake of my own sanity). So I'll leave it here and bid farewell until next time.