June 13, 2010


What is it about summer that we find so enchanting?

Is it the hot, bright days, the way the surrounding scenery takes on a new life and seems to smile? Is it the prospect of a dip in a cool lake or pool, lazy afternoons with lemonade followed by magnanimous sunsets and late nights? For schoolchildren and young adults it may be the break from studies, for adults it may the atmosphere that seems to break from the drudgery of their very life, that hope of a vacation in the near future. Maybe it's just being able to wear lighter clothing and lay in the cool green grass to admire the clear, blue sky.
Whatever it is, it has us all hooked, and it's the season we all look forward to most. Even for a fog and rain loving girl like myself the sunny days and long evenings are a magnet to which I am irrevocably drawn. Everyone, old and young alike, embrace the middle months as a period of fruition, happiness, fulfillment, and beauty.


Bri said...

That pic is gorgeous. Where did you take it?

Grace said...

It's the sunset view from my bedroom window. :)