June 4, 2010

Long Ears

Sometimes, after a long day fraught with tornado warnings, dishes, and interior decorations shopping, you just need to come home to some hamburgers and one-on-one time with your bunny.
{Meet George}

This is by far my favorite picture of the evening- my little sister going up against George. I also love it because no one but Patsy can get this close to him. She's a Bunny Whisperer.

I was only able to get two shots of George in the grass- he seems to want to stand still whenever I'm not aiming a camera at him. *Huff* Most of the pictures didn't turn out, and when he ran to the pavement for the fifth time, I let him stay there.

Needless to say, the rabbit has secrets, I just know it. Next time I'll bring out Hugo, my gnome, and see what happens. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the latest sunset and try to complete my room. We've lived here almost a week! I love how easily I've settled in- it feels like I've lived here for years, and yet it's been less than seven days. I have a room with a view, a cup of tea, and a movie to watch (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, one of my favorites, and I will be knitting during the the film): what more could I want for?

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