June 2, 2010

In Which She Does Some (More) Cooking.

Ahh, the smell of fresh blueberry muffins! Is there really anything that can compare to the taste of moist semi-sweet muffin cake filled to bursting with luscious, fresh, blueberries?
Nope. I didn't think so.
I took pause this evening from all the unpacking to do what I love and so often do- to stay up to an absurd hour strictly to create some sort of deliciousness that will be devoured by my family in less than ten hours. Today's, or, quite technically, tonight's, adventure was a sally into the world of organic blueberry muffins.
My adventure began with my favorite cookbook- Once Upon a Tart. This is the most amazing cookbook since Julia Child's. You can get it off of Amazon for a pretty decent price, but let me advise you now to get a tart pan or two while you're at it. The pictures alone are enough to make you want to begin cooking immediately, and it isn't limited to tarts, either. It has cookies, savory tarts, sandwiches, salads, soups, scones, everything. But let's get back to the muffins before I geek out too much and embarrass myself.
I usually stay away from blueberry muffin recipes for one main reason: they're never perfect. They're either too sweet, too moist, to plain, to dry, or, most often, not calling for enough blueberries (I know, this is a crime. Moving on). However, this recipe is about as perfect as possible. It's neither too sweet, or too moist- the perfect muffin bread- and is crammed with enough blueberries to keep an herbivore dinosaur happy.
I always try to cook as organically as possible. This is simply because the food is so much better for you, fresher, just plain tastier. Throw out the shortening and use butter, use fresh fruit instead of canned; there is a long list of ways to improve your cooking simply by using fresh and organic ingredients.
Whew! Geeking out again! Now for some pictures. :D

Lots and lots of fun stuff going on in my kitchen. I wish I'd had the camera out during the baking process while I danced a rumba. (This is why you should always have your iPod on while cooking. It releases happy endorphins that make you want to dance.)
Well it's getting late and I still have many many dishes to do, as well as some calorie torching tomorrow- we were testing new desserts at the tea shop today, and I've already eaten one muffin. Although I like muffins, I don't enjoy the prospect of muffin topping.
Pop in again soon, for I won't be gone long!


The Duchess said...

Love blueberry muffins! Only thing is that the kids don't, so I find if I make them, I eat the whole lot....which of course, is not good. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm sure there'll come a day in the not too distant future when I'll feel like a blueberry muffin binge!lol

Grace said...

I just now noticed that the recipe isn't actually posted, only the link to the book site. I will put the recipe up in a post. :)
I can't think of a better way to binge- excepting chocolate- than blueberry muffins.